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Explaining Dutch healthcare system

The Dutch healthcare system is the best in Europe, according to the 2017 Euro Health Consumer Index. Is that true? And when it comes to Dutch hospitals, which ones are the best and which are, instead, the ones to avoid? BovenIJ Ziekenhuis was rated as the best hospital in Amsterdam in 2017, according to the Top 100 Hospital Ranking published by the newspaper AD. AD released a ranking of the…

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My ethnicity doesn’t determine my future

“I could feel his eyes telling me that I don’t belong here.” Within the first few months of moving here, I had the stunning realisation of the manner in which an ethnicity works in different contexts. Growing up in Belgrade, nationalist and neo-Nazi movements had never touched me as deeply as they do now. Their dislike for people belonging to other ethnicities and societal groups was never targeted at me,…

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Photo Story: Remembrance Day

Every year on May 4, the Netherlands commemorate those who have fallen in World War II and those who gave their lives in peacekeeping missions ever since. At 8pm, 2 minutes of silence enveloped the country.  

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Remembrance Day, Lest We Forget

Last Friday the Netherlands remembered those who lost their lives during World War II on Remembrance Day. In Amsterdam, a large crowd gathered in Dam Square to pay their respects. The square was at its fullest capacity just minutes after the ceremony began. The public witnessed King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Prime Minister Mark Rutte walking along war veterans and survivors. Amongst the multitude Martin Debris, a 71 years-old professor…

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“Do You Feel That I’m Feeling?” Sorry Kanye, I Don’t

The recent behaviour of American rapper Kanye West has raised a lot of eyebrows, to say the least. It all started with his tweet on April 25th, where he declared his appreciation for United States President Donald Trump. “The mob can’t make me not love [Trump]. We are both dragon energy.” This sparked a myriad of reactions on the internet, including a lot of appreciation from Trump supporters. In the…