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On January 18, Amsterdam’s students had the pleasure to attend a comedy night organized by Easylaughs at CREA. It consisted of three separate shows, each one performed by different groups of comedians.

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Easylaughs is a group of improv comedians based in Amsterdam, whose members hail from all around the world. The troupe’s diversity makes them compelling to watch, a skill honed over more than a decade of performing together. Not only do they put on their own shows, but they also train and encourage younger, less experienced comedians to pursue their dreams on stage.

The first show, Level 1 Graduation, was introduced and hosted by one of the members of Easylaughs, Nicole Mischler, but delivered by much less experienced comedians. Nevertheless, the audience seemed to be having a great time watching comedians taking their first steps. The performers interacted with the audience, making the public feel like a part of the show. Nora, a 23-year-old accountancy student from HvA, came to the comedy night to relax. In an interview after the show, Nora said she was not satisfied with the sound system, as she was sitting in the back, where she had troubles hearing the comedians. Nevertheless, she enjoyed the event’s laid-back atmosphere, which she felt made it a good way to spend a Friday night.

The second show, Level 3 Graduation, was also performed by comedians who are still learning the art of improv, however with a little bit more practice than the first group. The more interactive performance saw the audience asking questions and making suggestions for the sketches, which brought a lot of enthusiasm within the attendees. Monica, a 33-year-old teacher from Poland, and Mariana, a 29-year-old analyst from the Czech Republic, both came to the comedy night to see their friends perform. Both greatly enjoyed the show and plan on coming back for further installments.

The night’s third was a performance given by the core Easylaughs group. It was the last show of the night, and not without reason. With a crew of seasoned performers on hand, this was a cherry on top of the evening’s comedy. Despite the whole skit being improvised, the group was very organized, and the show’s structure really shone through. Like the previous two, it was interactive, and the audience had a great time.

The next Easylaughs night will take place on February 8. Like January’s performance, it will also consist of three separate shows: Level 1 Graduation, Level 2 Graduation, and The Late-Night Show Starring Improv.

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