We are an independent student-run newspaper that covers stories from the city of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. We publish throughout the week during the academic year.

We aim to have a well-informed audience and provide students the news they aim to read about.

They should feel free to report about any topic without restriction of any means.

We strive for excellence in reporting and in our conduct. We believe excellence in a student newspaper leads to excellence in the professional field, training the future generations of a responsible journalists.

Students from any nationality, ethnicity or race are be to treated equally by the members of the paper as well as will not be discriminated in any way while covering our stories. The Amsterdammer is encouraged to have a multicultural staff that will bring new and different perspectives to the coverage.


- Engage national and international students - Develop technical, practical, ethical and successful journalism skills - Enhance creativity in the coverage and ways of communicating - Uncover relevant stories for the community - React quickly to any newsworthy events - Engage students into debates of important matters

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