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Most frequent questions and answers

Some positions are not available at the moment

We currently have applications open until September 15 at 11:59 P.M. After the application deadline, you can still contribute with articles, columns, photos or letters to the editor.

After the application deadline, there will be no position available anymore. However, you are encouraged to send your CV and motivation to be added to the contributing list or contacted if we need additional staff members in the future.

Some faculties at UvA and AUC accept the Amsterdammer as part of the graduation internship. If your advisor has approved the internship at the Amsterdammer, you will be supervised by the Manager and Editor in Chief.

We do not offer any salary to our staff any the moment. However, as a staff member you can attend our monthly workshops for free and we can provide you the following upon request: weekly individual feedback sessions, recommendation letter, certificate of completion, graduation internship.

Every students is welcome to join the workshops and courses taught by the Amsterdammer staff.

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