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On Saturday, January 19, 2019, Netherlands’ celebrated its eighth National Tulip Day. This year’s celebration saw more than ten thousand tourists and Amsterdam locals gathered in Dam square to pick their own bouquets of flowers. Over 200,000 tulips from colors across the spectrum were available for free, as part of the annual celebration, with the theme “Flower Power,” this year.

The event proved more popular than capacity could handle; two hours after starting, the organizers calculated the waiting line to be 40 minutes long. “I came here to see… the purpose of this, and why it is free for everyone to pick them [the flowers] up,” said Sourabh Jeain, 31, an ABN AMRO employee and Amsterdam resident from India. “I really like it.” Jeain was one of the 10,000 people who had the opportunity to take flowers home.

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A woman adorned with white tulips participating in Amsterdam’s National Tulip Day on Dam Square last Saturday. Flo McQuibban / The Amsterdammer

While the National Tulip Day caught many tourists’ attention, it was also taken as an opportunity for companies to promote their brands and organizations to raise awareness. Four different demonstrations took place in Dam square at the heart of the event to support religious beliefs and for international conflict awareness.

Meanwhile, Julia Reidbord, a 23-year-old second-year UvA student in Communication Science, distributed yellow flowers to those around the square to promote the social dating app Bumble in Amsterdam alongside two other staff members. Each of the staff members gave away 200 tulips.

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