Our Staff



Max Kikken

Editor in Chief

Max is a third-year Communication Science student at the University of Amsterdam. He is part of the founding staff of the Amsterdammer and worked as a Metro Reporter before joining the editorial board as a Metro Editor from September 2018 until June 2019. His hobbies include listening to music, reading and making music. He plays some guitar and piano, but his favourite instrument both to play and listen to has always been the saxophone. With the Amsterdammer, he hopes to create a good learning environment for aspiring journalists where critical journalism is the standard and going off the beaten track is encouraged.

Magazine Managing Editor

Lucia is the founder of the Amsterdammer Magazine. She is from Valencia (Spain) and a first-year Media & Information student at UvA. She enjoys going to the beach, wasting her time watching animal videos and fashion. Before you ask, she likes milk first and then cereals!

Isabel Bonnet is a communication science student at the University of Amsterdam. She has an Associate of Arts degree in Journalism from the Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. Her work has been published in major news outlets such as Ultimas Noticias (Venezuela), La Silla Vacia (Colombia) and Le Monde (France). In 2018, Isabel founded the Amsterdammer.


Aakash Nair

News Copy Desk Chief

Avid board game and tabletop enthusiast, self-proclaimed Geek. Studying to become an archivist/librarian, or general information storage and preservation superhero. My dislikes include gender labels, drought and bad coffee. Some likes: recycling, role-playing games and smokey single malts.

Magazine Copy Desk Chief

I am Louis, a first year PPLE student at UvA and copy editor at the Amsterdammer. I’m an Australian far from home, but I really love the city of Amsterdam. I joined the Amsterdammer because I have always been interested in journalism and I am enjoying learning and progressing here.


Opinions Editor

Sports Editor

I’m from Mexico, and I’m a second-year Communication Science student at the UvA. I joined The Amsterdammer because I wanted to improve my Twitter bio and write about my favorite sports. Mostly the latter one, to be honest. I live from sports and tacos.

Kira Guehring

Audiovisual Editor

My name is Kira Guehring and I am a second-year Media and Information Student at UvA and Photographer at The Amsterdammer. I love plants, books and tea. I watch too much Netflix and joined The Amsterdammer to gather experience in journalism and to further explore Amsterdam.

Josephine Sylvestre

University Editor

Hi I’m Josephine, a first year PPLE student and one of the university reporters for the Amsterdammer since early 2019. I’m French-German and grew up in London before moving to Amsterdam for my degree.


Jai Yoon Chung

Metro Editor


Wen Hsiao

Lifestyle Editor

Sarah Iacobacci

Fashion Editor

Sarah Maria Iacobacci is a student who is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. A story-teller by nature, she was born in London, England but moved to Montreal at the early age of six years. A creative; who is a media-oriented enthusiast with a commercial vision, she indulges in and further develops her artistry in activities coinciding with the performing arts and visual media, photojournalism, public speaking, and writing. She is the ‘University reporter’ and ‘Fashion writer’ of The Amsterdammer.


Ioana Pintille


I love everything that helps people to grow and find themselves. Even though I like quiet places in nature, I’m a concert and music festival freak. Dancing to music that I love is my cure to everything, alongside painting, reading and daydreaming. Uniqueness, passion, decency and style are attributes that I appreciate and love seeing in others. If you are kind to me, you’ve earned a place in my heart and not only.

Elviira Luoma


My name is Elviira Luoma, I am a 22-year-old Finnish digital media student. I am currently completing my second year of Bachelor’s Degree of Media and Information at the University of Amsterdam. I have done an exchange year abroad in Trenque Lauquen, Argentina. Because of that, I am enthusiastic to learn as many languages as one possibly can and I am passionate about traveling. I am an extrovert, extremely positive and I have a kind nature. I take everyone’s opinions into account and respect other people. I am always smiling and overall a happy person as well as very addicted to coffee.