Tips to maintain a long distance relationship with your mother

Tips to maintain a long distance relationship with your mother By SHUZHAO XUE | May 5, 2019 Mother’s Day, this year, falls on May 12, and as an international student, distance limits the ways one can express love to my mother. A dinner out is insubstantial. So is a simple hug or a kiss. So, what […]

No Glove, No Love! Safe Sex in Amsterdam

  Safe sex in Amsterdam By SHUZHAO XUE | April 20, 2019 Illustration by Flo McQuibban / The Amsterdammer Nowadays, sex plays an increasingly important role in our leisure time. No-strings-attached (NSA) sex is becoming a common option, especially for sex lovers. More than 1 billion matches on Tinder make a date per week, which […]

Shazam! : Power for the Powerless

Shazam!: Power for the Powerless April 13, 2019 By SHUZHAO XUE Warning: this article may contain spoilers. When discussing superheroes, Captain America, Superman or Batman are our first thoughts. These characters are continuously adapted into films which time after time successfully become a hit amongst the fans. Shazam!, the latest superhero film that I watched, […]

Fold-able phones: revolution or fantasy?

Foldable phones: revolution or fantasy? Last year, we witnessed the usage of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality on mobile phones, and the establishment of 5G networks. Though 5G is still topical, foldable phones were the hot topic this year. By Shuzhao Xue Mobile World Congress 2019, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile […]

How does UvA use social media accounts?

How does UvA use Social Media Accounts? The Amsterdammer talked to the UvA Social Media team to find out what goes on behind-the-scenes the official social media accounts and how they maintain intrigue towards them.   March 19, 2019 By SHUZHAO XUE So far, UvA is present on five social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, […]