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Mid-term exams put pressure both on student study load and the limited space to study efficiently. Today, let’s explore four study places outside the university library.

People study on the 7th floor of the Volkshotel. Yoojeong Kim / The Amsterdammer

1. Volkshotel

The name of this place might trick you. It is true that this is a hotel, but it also has a common area for people to work or study for free. Here, you can enjoy a great view of Amsterdam through the French sash windows. On a sunny day, the sunshine through the windows can boost your study. In addition, Volkshotel also offers tasty food like carrot cakes and pound cakes. With sugar, study can be more efficient and happier. Moreover, it’s open late – even later than the University library.

2. Coffeecompany on Berenstraat

Coffeecompany is a famous chain of cafés but the one to be recommended is located in Berenstraat, or the 9 streets, of shopping fame. This branch is smaller though, meaning that if people keep talking it can be difficult to concentrate. However, when it is quiet it is an ideal location. Either way, you can always reward yourself with a nice cup of coffee and feel relaxed from the pressure of studying for the time being.

People study at Coffee Company on Berenstraat. Yoojeong Kim / The Amsterdammer
View of the OBA library from the outside. Yoojeong Kim / The Amsterdammer

3. OBA

It can often be too noisy in a cafe or a common workplace. If this is the case, OBA, the library of Amsterdam, is a good place to try out. The OBA has several branches spread out across the city of Amsterdam so you could head to the branch that is closest to your house. And the service here is complete: WIFI, printers and PCs are all included. Talking is forbidden in the study spots of the OBA which allows you to focus on your study without any interruption. One disadvantage of the OBA is the yearly membership fee and keep in mind that some branches have shorter open hours.



4. Home, Sweet Home

Studying is hard, so finding a way to relieve the stress is important: you can build your own study vibes in your house; you can light a scented candle to feel the nature; you can ask Alexa to play Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons as relaxing background music; you can pour yourself a glass of wine, order a pizza, or any food you want to have; you can sit on the sofa, lie down on the bed or be in whatever corner that makes you at ease. You can totally devote your mind to studying because of the comfortable and familiar environment.

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