Tips to maintain a long

distance relationship with your mother

By SHUZHAO XUE | May 5, 2019

Mother’s Day, this year, falls on May 12, and as an international student, distance limits the ways one can express love to my mother. A dinner out is insubstantial. So is a simple hug or a kiss. So, what could be the best gift for her on such a special day?

1. Video call

We live in the digital era. Use it to your advantage! Messaging apps like FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp, allow you to call your mother and give her a virtual hug or kiss, while having a good conversation about life. You can get her up to date about everything that has been going on lately. Plus, never forget to mention the things that matter to you. This is a good way to make her feel valued in your life.

2. Connect through social media

It is always a good idea to involve your mother in your social life, not only in real life but also online, specially if you are an active social media user. Phone conversations may not be possible every day since your schedules are most likely not aligned. But, via Facebook or Instagram Stories, she can stay updated with what happens in your life. This can make her feel like she is near you even though there is a physical distance between you.  

3. Prepare a special or surprise gift

It is surely a pity that you cannot celebrate this wonderful day together. But it is never too late to order a gift and send it to your mother’s place. A bunch of her favourite flowers works. Or, you can choose something that reminds her of Amsterdam. A do-it-yourself red brick toy house with you and her inside is a nice idea for a gift. What matters is that you show how much you miss her and have her in mind. Let this kind of surprise brighten her day!

4. Make a city tour vlog

Distance keeps your mother from knowing your life better. Mothers are always worried about our living conditions. So, make a vlog of what you do during a day in Amsterdam. This will send her a message that you are safe and sound. It is also a chance for her to know how you spend your day in a foreign country. You can invite some friends to spend the day together and make it a fun group activity.

5. Suprise her at home

If your hometown is close to the Netherlands, for example in France, Belgium or Germany, why not schedule a surprise weekend or mini-vacation with her? There are various affordable ways to reach the countries nearby, such as FlixBus, trains and budget airlines (only when you buy tickets early). A physical hug compared to a virtual one, can be a wonderful change.


Mother’s day is not about the cards or gifts that you send. It is about love. If you are stressed out or too busy on May 12, a text is the simplest way to convey that you have her in your mind! And remember to always remind her how much you love her, not just on Mother’s Day!

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