Dutch Student Associations: A quick glance for international students

Dutch Student Associations: A quick glance for international students By LAURE BLANCHEZ | November 22, 2019 Cover image by Isabel Bonnet / The Amsterdammer In light of the new academic year, and the numerous international students that come with it, the Amsterdammer interviewed some members of sororities and fraternities at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in order […]

Bye Minimalism; Welcome back, Camp

Bye Minimalism; Welcome Back, Camp. By SARAH M. IACOBACCI | May 22, 2019 Illustration by Sofia Romansky May 6, 2019 was host to what is known as the “Super Bowl of Fashion,” the MET Gala. Each year, the Costume Institute exhibits a new theme at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in which the gala serves […]

Off-Screen Film Festival

May 21, 2019 Off-Screen Film Festival The Red Carpet outside of Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, decorated with golden ducks. Aleksandra Muther / The Amsterdammer A table decorated with two golden ducks and a poster of the program. Aleksandra Muther / The Amsterdammer On Wednesday, May 15th, the study association of media and information organized their […]

Student Elections Update: Chatting with the CSR parties

Student Elections Update: Chatting with the CSR parties By JOSEPHINE SYLVESTRE and SARAH IACOBACCI | May 21, 2019 This is part 2 of the series on talking to the parties running for the student elections this year. This time, we talked to Inter. 1. What are you promising for this academic year? The party promises that there […]

Europe and nationalism: why Spain is different

Europe and Nationalism: why Spain is different By DAVID KIRKHAM | May 20, 2019 Nationalists and far-right political parties continue to make alarming gains across Europe. Italy is led by a coalition of radical right-wing and populist parties, Austria’s government is shared with the ultranationalist Freedom Party (FPO), and Hungary has shifted considerably to the far […]

The epitome of dramaticism – The UEFA Champions League semi-finals

The epitome of dramaticism: The UEFA Champions League semi-finals By EMILIO GUTIERREZ | May 14, 2019 The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for football fans. After the result of these semi-finals, there is a unique winner, and it is not England – but the game itself. The world just experienced the best […]