Truck crashes

into a house across Roeterseilandcampus

By ISABEL BONNET | October 17, 2019

Cover Photo by Panagiotis Belias / The Amsterdammer

On Monday, October 14, at around 4 p.m. a HÉMAN truck crashed into a house across Roeterseilandcampus. The catering company told local news channel AT5 that the driver had a sudden epileptic seizure, an incident which had occurred for the first time. 

The accident severely damaged the house on Roetersstraat and several bikes along the way. Thankfully, it did not harm any of the people that were inside the house at the time, and no University of Amsterdam students or faculty members were injured. The driver, however, is currently still hospitalized, confirmed to The Amsterdammer by HÉMAN.

Emergency services arrived shortly and remained at the scene until 8pm, when the property was beginning to be examined and repaired. 

The coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje’s security cameras recorded the incident; people can be seen running away from the truck seconds before it crashed. This video cannot be shared due to privacy reasons. 

Photos and Videos by Panagiotis Belias / Courtesy of The Amsterdammer
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