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From November 1 to 5, Kromhouthal in Amsterdam Noord hosted The Affordable Art Fair. It offered over 75 national and international galleries, tried to bridge the gap between the art and the people, and explained the government-imposed price control.

“Twenty years ago Will Ramsay, thinking that art can enrich people’s lives, decided to create a space where art could be accessible to everyone: that is how the Affordable Art Fair is born” says Kris Clark, the Director of the Amsterdam Fair that celebrated its 13th edition in the North of the city from November 1 to November 5. Hosted by the event venue Kromhouthal, with 75 national and international galleries, the Affordable Art Fair tried to bridge the gap between art and people, defining a government-imposed price control and clearly displaying the cost of every piece of art. Veronica Fontana / The Amsterdammer
Every gallery has a spot where to exhibit its various and different types of art, welcoming visitors to share their opinions and curiosities. Veronica Fontana / The Amsterdammer
What distinguishes The Affordable Art Fair is the government-imposed price control, which is set at 6000 euros: it is common to see entire panels dedicated to a defined price range. Veronica Fontana / The Amsterdammer
The Affordable Art Fair is a fair for every type of contemporary art and makes it possible to admire really bizarre and colourful artworks, such as the “Happyland” by Miguel Delie. Veronica Fontana / The Amsterdammer
The accessibility of the fair can also be seen in the sale straightforwardness: once a visitor has found the beloved piece of art, he/she can move to the packaging area to have it wrapped. Veronica Fontana / The Amsterdammer
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