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Patricia Lokwa Servant is a Congolese-American educator and the founder of Congo Love, an organisation promoting Congolese culture. She shared her testimony about the conflict situation and the role of her association in Congo. Veronica Fontana/ The Amsterdammer


Since 1998, over six million Congolese have lost their lives in a war fuelled by economic and corporate greed. That is the largest reported loss of life since the Second World War, yet this remains an spoken issue. As part of the Congo Week, Studio/K held a documentary screening and panel discussion about the hidden history of Democratic Republic of the Congo on Tuesday evening. The event was organized in collaboration with Friends of the Congo and Breaking the Silence: Congo Week, an initiative created in 2008 by Congolese students and activists.


Starting in 2008, the Congo Week is an event full of activities, that commemorate the millions of Congolese who lost their lives during the Congolese conflict. The event runs annually in the third week of October and this year it was hosted by Studio/K, Amsterdam, where the visitors could find t-shirts, books and gadgets to support a group of refugees in Amsterdam called “We are here”. Veronica Fontana/ The Amsterdammer
The event started with the screening of the documentary “Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth” about the Congolese conflict, its history and the humanitarian emergency. Veronica Fontana/ The Amsterdammer
Bruno Kucharski, 28, is an artist, cook and performer, is one of the spectators who participated in the active debate set after every speakers’ presentation.  Veronica Fontana/ The Amsterdammer
Aimé Miltoni is a social worker, human rights activist, musician and father. He sang his own song, which made everyone dance. Veronica Fontana/ The Amsterdammer
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