The Return of the

Beauty Guru 

By LINH NGUYEN | November 10, 2019

Cover photo by Linh Ha / Unsplash

The new wave of beauty gurus tend to grow their channels by creating controversies and using clickbait to garner attention. Every day there’s a new problem, leading beauty gurus to attack one another. The dynamics of this community are taking a dark turn, so much that it makes me reminisce of the supportive “og” beauty community, in particular the time of Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of the original beauty gurus on Youtube, with her oldest public video dating back 12 years. She was the first beauty guru I ever came across on Youtube, and will forever be an inspiration to me. In June, 2017, she uploaded a video explaining her departure from the community. I was disappointed, but I understood her decision and patiently awaited her comeback. 

However, Michelle Phan finally made her comeback last month after a two year hiatus. I cannot begin to stress how relevant her comeback is! As a relatively drama free person who built her career solely on her makeup skills, Michelle Phan is a symbol of hard work and persistence. She doesn’t need to take jabs at other beauty gurus to elevate herself, but rather decides to stick to her personality and skills, which many people have come to appreciate. 

Phan stands in stark contrast to the new wave of beauty gurus. In the contemporary problematic beauty community, her comeback serves as a reminder of the pure intentions beauty gurus are supposed to embody. That is, to inspire others to better themselves, either through makeup, or promoting healthy lifestyles. 

There is still a long way for Michelle Phan to go in regaining her influence and her position in the online makeup community.She might struggle in this changing beauty community, for it is no longer the same. It is no longer a place for people to explore their pure interest in makeup, nor is it as supportive of an environment as it once used to be.   

However, I am excited to see her making videos again and can’t wait to see what she has in store for her devoted followers. At last, welcome back, Michelle Phan, the queen of the Youtube beauty community!

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