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Where does the money go to?


As a start-up, we are in the process of getting the legal right to make collaborations. Hiring notaries, paying the registration and all the paperwork needed is of high cost.


We want to train the staff with professionals, have a newsroom, have personalised badges for the coverages and be able to promote our article on social media.

The website

Hosting a website is of high cost. Most of our money goes to the hosting of the website.

Press passes

Some events require a fee to get a press pass. A refund of the pass will be given to the reporter in question.


"The Amsterdammer is a great project, and it is amazing to see how much it developed since the beginning. It has been an amazing experience for me. You guys taught me a lot, and I am so grateful for that."
Valeria Mongelli
Metro Reporter, Fall 2018
"What I like the most was getting a taste of what really feels like to work in a newspaper. Meeting people from other careers."
Staff member, Spring 2018
"Thank you to the founder for being so generous and for having supported The Amsterdammer financially largely on her own up until now. Encouraging all staff members, satisfied recurring readers, and anyone who wants to help to chip in! Well done to the entire team for maintaining such an aesthetic, professional, ethical, and friendly newspaper."
Flo McQuibban
Columnist, Winter 2019
"I have had so much fun writing for the Amsterdammer, and it has taught me a lot about non-academic writing and researching articles. Thank you for giving me this opportunity […] you are doing such a great job"
Imelda Loakes
Avenue Reporter, Winter 2019

“ We believe that The Amsterdammer will allow students to enhance their writing skills and become more curious about their surroundings. We have faith that our staff is the future of journalism: they are learning the workings of the profession at an early stage of their lives. We strongly believe that one can only make a change in a macro level if we know how to make a change in a micro level”

About us

We are an independent student-run news outlet that writes about the university of Amsterdam, the city of Amsterdam, opinions and lifestyle.

Our mission

Engage national and international students, develop technical, practical, ethical and successful journalism skills. Enhance creativity in the coverage and ways of communicating.

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