A Note on Self Confidence and Fashion

A Note on Self Confidence and Fashion By LINH NGUYEN | October 20, 2019 Cover photo by Cristina Gottardi / Unsplash Let me set the scene: Imagine belonging to a traditionally conservative family who criticised anything and everything you ever wore. That was my life, when it came to experimenting with fashion.  “Those shorts are too short!” “Your shirt […]

Fast Fashion, Gone Too Quickly?

Fast Fashion Gone too quickly? By LINH NGUYEN | October 13, 2019 Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash Fast fashion – two words that perfectly encapsulate the rapidly changing fashion industry and constantly evolving consumer tastes. Characterized by affordable clothing with trendy designs, the latter is what has led to the rise of the latest fashion empire. This […]

Rhinestones on the Daily

Rhinestones on the Daily By Linh Nguyen | October 06, 2019 Illustration by Pruthvi Vellanki Even without seeing the show, you would have probably still heard the buzz surrounding Euphoria. Focusing on its immense impact on the makeup community – from Instagram looks to New York Fashion Week shows such as Anna Sui – Euphoria beauty […]