The Re-election of Viktor Orban and the Ongoing Crisis in Hungary

On the brink of changing its future, Hungary is on a 12-year path of disruption, which has affected refugees, Hungarians and the entire European Union. With various stakeholders, unwitting or deliberate, the actions leading up to this impasse possess salience. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has realized his aspiration of creating an illiberal state. This […]

Photo Story: “We Are Here” Amsterdam Citizen Take Part of the Congo Week

  Since 1998, over six million Congolese have lost their lives in a war fuelled by economic and corporate greed. That is the largest reported loss of life since the Second World War, yet this remains an spoken issue. As part of the Congo Week, Studio/K held a documentary screening and panel discussion about the […]

Is Democracy an Illusion? The Case of Slovakia

The question that we all have been asking lately – is democracy an illusion? Many people see democracy as the best possible system and one that they should strive to implement and maintain. Freedom of speech, free elections, and clear human rights – isn’t that what everyone wants? A functioning democracy is key to basic […]