How Might Brexit Affect Amsterdam’s Britons?

To British nationals living in Amsterdam, Brexit is going to have a huge impact. Since the rejection of the Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement, however, the specifics of what shape Brexit will take and what effect it will have on Britons abroad, is unknown. Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom are currently tabling amendments to […]


UvA Radio: Made by the Students, for the Students

On their first day of class at UvA in 2016, a shared interest brought together two students who seemed otherwise to be total opposites. Adel Al Khozaae, a 21-year-old Communication Science student, and Dan Ungureanu, a 23-year-old European Studies student and a former DJ at the Eastern Connecticut State University WECS-FM, founded UvA Radio, fulfilling […]

SOS Nicaragua-Holanda Extends Its Network of Support at CREA Cafe

  Last Tuesday, about 30 UvA students and activists from Nicaragua protested at CREA Café as part of the SOS Nicaragua-Holanda movement. The event concluded with an act of solidarity. Solange Saballos, a Language and Literature student and cultural reporter, joined the protest through the intermediary of Skype. Saballos fled from Managua to Guatemala after […]

Sinterklaas Arrived in Amsterdam on Sunday

Children and adults attended the 80th arrival of Sinterklaas and his servants from Spain in Amsterdam on Sunday. While Saturday saw 30,000 people celebrating their official arrival in the Netherlands in Zaanstad, 400,000 gathered on Sunday in Amsterdam. “I like to call the other arrivals the ‘fake ones’,” said Pam Evenhuis, spokesperson for Sint in […]

Room for Discussion Receives Jordan Peterson at UvA Despite Controversy

Dr. Jordan Peterson, Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has been the subject of many controversial debates. Last Wednesday, on October 31, UvA’s Room for Discussion received him as the final interviewee for the last part of their Lustrum interview series at Roeterseilandcampus, despite students attempts to avoid the […]

UvA Opens A Merchandise Store

The University of Amsterdam has rolled out a merchandise store after years of demand from both students and faculty members on October 9 at Spui 23. The store is open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., from Tuesday to Saturday. UvA students can receive a discount on their first order. Louisa, a second-year Master student […]