The University of Amsterdam Provides Support

for Those Affected by the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

By Ellie Hsu | Campus | March 15, 2022

Cover Illustration: Kyiv, Ukraine. Gleb Albovsky / Unsplash

Campus reporter Ellie Hsu discusses the University of Amsterdam’s efforts to support Ukraine and Ukrainian students that have been affected by the Russian invasion. Such support includes financial and psychological help, along with collecting various supplies. 

With the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is offering support for students and staff. A Ukraine page has been added to the UvA website to provide updates and relevant information. This is not just for Ukrainians but everyone who feels affected by the situation. As stated on the page, “The UvA feels a responsibility for all affected students, regardless of their origin or nationality.” The page includes instructions  on where to find help and guidance on how students and staff can support people in need. 

For affected students, the UvA provides support in terms of finances, study progress, residence status, health concerns and general well-being. Financially, the UvA started a crowdfunding campaign on March 3, 2022. Within three days, there were over a thousand donors, who together raised over 70 thousand euros. All donations are collected by the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) and students in need can contact to request a one-time emergency loan of €500. 

For all students that feel affected by the situation, the UvA suggests students reach out to student counselors and study advisors. According to students at the UvA, some of the professors and tutorial teachers have also offered students to communicate with them if there are any concerns. Other resources can be found via the UvA initiatives and help for students page, providing a list of options that can help students overcome their negative feelings. These include doing sports, talking to student psychologists, talking to study advisors and more. 

“The UvA feels a responsibility for all affected students, regardless of their origin or nationality.”

From February 28 to March 4, the UvA Central Student Council (CSR) helped gather needed items for Ukrainians. The lists of needed medical supplies and other needed items were provided. The CSR cooperates with three organizations, The Polish Library, Students for Ukraine and The Labor Migration Foundation Netherlands, to deliver these items to Ukrainians. After this period, if people still want to donate supplies and/or offer a space to stay, more information can be found on VluchtelingenWerk. To further contribute to money donations for Ukrainians, you can donate via Giro 555, a Dutch humanitarian aid organization. 

Together with other Dutch education institutions, the UvA has halted cooperation with Russia and Belarus for the time being. Russians and Belarusians currently in the Netherlands can still remain to work and/or study, but all forms of partnership in education and research with Russia and Belarus will cease until further notice. For more detailed information, visit the Universities of the Netherlands website. 

Last but not least, the blue and yellow posters in support of Ukraine can be seen in the UvA buildings. The poster campaign is an initiative of Professor Barbara Hogenboom, condemning Putin’s attack and standing for peace, freedom and democracy. The posters came in twelve languages and everyone is encouraged to show support by printing and distributing the posters (no copyright). 

The UvA has been monitoring the situation and exploring more support for the UvA students and staff. If you need any forms of support or will like to provide support, visit the Ukraine page for more information and updates. 

Dutch version of the Ukraine support poster. Miren Zubizarreta
English version of the Ukraine support poster. Miren Zubizarreta

Ellie Hsu is a student at the University of Amsterdam. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of The Amsterdammer. 

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