The Game Continues: Searching for Space Invaders in Amsterdam

French urban artist Invader brings back Space Invaders over 30 countries around the world.


Above 500 UvA Students Rally Against National Budget Cuts

Over 500 students and staff-members took the streets last Friday during the March for Education. Participants demonstrated against national budget cuts on higher education. The demonstration was stopped at night, where the police evicted dozens of students.

Documenting Palestinian Diaspora: 48 Stories that Need to Be Told

Over 80 people participated last Friday at the NOOR & Paradox project collaboration: 48 stories. The event marked the launch of 48 stories, a web app which documents the life stories of the Palestinian diaspora. The concept and name of the project refer to the year 1948, remembered in history as either the War of Independence, the War of Liberation, The Catastrophe or …

Liberation Day

On May 5, hundreds celebrated Liberation Day, or Bevrijdingsdag, in Westerpark. This year, the Dutch celebrated their 73rd anniversary since the liberation from the Nazi occupation.