Pilgrims on Camino De Santiago

Every year the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) hosts an exposition called DocLab, where audiences can explore the medium of documentary in the age of interactive story-telling free of charge. Part of a broad and diverse programme consisting of different virtual and augmented reality experiences, the augmented reality app “Pilgrim”, created by Lauren Hutchinson, lets […]

SIB-Amsterdam Presents the Rohingya Persecution in Myanmar

SIB-Amsterdam, the Dutch United Student Association, presented a lecture on the Rohingya persecution by the Burmese army on November 5 at CREA. The speaker, Sazaat Ahammed, chairman of the Rohingya Development Foundation (RDF), and Dutch journalist Minka Nijhuis, gave their assessment of the current situation in a two-hour lecture to over 100 attendees. Every month, […]

Museum of Memes: A Cultural Phenomenon

Emily Higginson was a high school student when she first contemplated the idea of creating a meme museum. The vision of an entire exhibition space dedicated towards memes was quickly brushed off as a joke as she continued on with her life. Nevertheless, the interest in memes stayed with her. This year, Higginson started her […]