IJ-Hallen: A Photo Story of Amsterdam’s Largest Flea Market

Cees Bavius, theatre writer and director and Petra van Hoon, projectmanager, have have been coming to IJ Hallen since eight year to sell their goods. The bargains that they offered were collected from all over Asia and contained both a spiritual and personal value for them. Madita Strähle/ The Amsterdammer
One of the main attraction from Ij Hallen flea market are the clothes stands. With multiple categories to choose from, varying from shoes to vintage clocks to furniture, the visitors feel overwhelmed and also were beguiled by the cheap prices. Madita Strähle/ The Amsterdammer


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From left: Kimberly Gressie, 28, doctor and Nienke, 28, teacher, are also trying to attract many buyers. The two friends were wearing the items they would like to sell themselves in order to attract customers. They claimed that this strategy results in more buys, social contacts, but also a fun thing to do between friends. Madita Strähle/ The Amsterdammer
IJ Hallen is the biggest flea market in Europe, located in the Nord of Amsterdam, which occurs usually in the last weekend of every month, from spring until winter. The 15-16 September edition had over 750 stands from where visitors could choose products. Besides the regular bargain shopping, the flea market also hosted food trucks, which sold popular food for the Dutch people but not only, such as fries or the famous poffertjes. Madita Strähle/ The Amsterdammer

Post Author: Madita Strähle

  • Photographer (Fall 2018)