Why We Shouldn’t Tolerate Zwarte Piet

Traditions are the foundation of every society – but do we know where they actually come from? Traditions are a form of indoctrination. We grow up in accordance with certain norms and values without thinking about them critically or looking at them from a different perspective. As citizens, we often turn a blind eye to […]

Is University Really Helping Us to Become Our Better Selves, or Is It Just for the Grades?

I’ve came across a realization recently, which involves me asking myself – is the goal of a university to make us into a generally better and well-rounded person, or is it just career preparation? If it’s the latter, then I honestly kind of want to quit. I think the main goal of a university should […]

Call Me By Your Name: the Epitome of Modern Love?

What is love? Aside from “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”, does anyone truly have an answer? There are so many different interpretations of love in our modern and chaotic times: does it even exist? We are told what love is by our parents, pop culture, advertisements – it’s seemingly everywhere we […]

Is Feminism Evolving Into Extremism?

Feminism is the worthy ideal of equality between men and women. However, it seems that some people from our society don’t understand this simple definition. Attaining “equality” means fairness for all – but those extreme modern feminists have seemingly redefined feminism into a belief that women must have more rights than men. Self-declared feminists go […]

Climate Change: It Is Happening Anyways

Climate change is an all-important issue for many activists, ecologists, and vegans. For me? An accepted fate. The United Nations recently issued a damning climate report suggesting that there is no going back. Global temperatures are increasing, the sea level is rapidly rising, and ice caps are melting at a historic pace. Nothing can stop […]

We Live in a Society Where Everyone Is Turning into ‘‘Dorian Gray’’

People are getting more and more shallow. Looks over books, am I right? No, absolutely not. We supposedly live in an age of acceptance but, unfortunately, that does not extend to one’s self-image. People still take an hour in the morning to “get their face on” for the day. We rally against sexism, racism, and […]