Continued Epidemics Call for Stricter Anti-Vaxx Policies

Continued Epidemics Call for Stricter Anti-Vaxx Policies March 01, 2019 By IVY WADE For a long time, I thought anti-vaxxers (those skeptical of vaccination) were mythical creatures, unicorns with tinfoil hats and fanatics using essential oils and garlic cloves instead of antibiotics. However, as the news continues to come in, it is becoming more and […]

Innovative Master’s Week attracts Over 600 Students

From February 11 until 15, the UvA hosted more than 600 students for the Master’s Week. Organized by the Communication Office, the annual occasion added some innovative new sessions. Kicked-off with a festive opening function, the week boasted other events such as the master boost training and program information sessions. All the sessions aimed to […]

Student’s Stand-Up Comedy Fill Crea Café on Monday

Student’s Stand-Up Comedy Fill Crea Café on Monday February 05, 2019 By ISABEL BONNET Personal anecdotes and laughs echoed at CREA Café on Monday evening during the performances of 8 university students. Moderated by one of the founders, Lara Ricote, about 60 people attended the Comedy Crea Open Mic for free. About 60 people attend the Open […]

A Referendum May Have Got us in This Mess but it Won’t Get us Out

Across Europe one can imagine people asking themselves simply what the hell is going on with British politics at the moment. And they would be right to do so: Theresa May’s Brexit negotiation deal failed cataclysmically, defeated by 230 votes, the biggest loss in modern history. Yet the next day she survived an attempt to […]

A Relaxing Time with Easy Laughs at CREA

On January 18, Amsterdam’s students had the pleasure to attend a comedy night organized by Easylaughs at CREA. It consisted of three separate shows, each one performed by different groups of comedians.   Easylaughs is a group of improv comedians based in Amsterdam, whose members hail from all around the world. The troupe’s diversity makes […]

Is University Really Helping Us to Become Our Better Selves, or Is It Just for the Grades?

I’ve came across a realization recently, which involves me asking myself – is the goal of a university to make us into a generally better and well-rounded person, or is it just career preparation? If it’s the latter, then I honestly kind of want to quit. I think the main goal of a university should […]