Europe and nationalism: why Spain is different

Europe and Nationalism: why Spain is different By DAVID KIRKHAM | May 20, 2019 Nationalists and far-right political parties continue to make alarming gains across Europe. Italy is led by a coalition of radical right-wing and populist parties, Austria’s government is shared with the ultranationalist Freedom Party (FPO), and Hungary has shifted considerably to the far […]

Remembrance Day

MAY 15, 2019 Remembrance Day Young and old came together on the Remembrance Day to not forget victims of war and conflict and fallen soldiers. On the photo, a little boy walks right behind the current major of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema who is dressed in black for this occasion. The major traditionally walks in front […]

On the Basis of Sex: ‘Wife’ is not a job title

On the Basis of Sex: ‘Wife’ is not a job title By REBECCA TOOK | May 6, 2019 Mimi Leder’s On the Basis of Sex is a biopic depicting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fight for gender equality to be recognized in American law. This is not an exceptional film, but it does sensitively depict the life of […]

Positioning Ballet: Ballet’s Own #MeToo

Positioning Ballet: Ballet’s Own #MeToo This is part 3 of a series inspired by the ‘Positioning Ballet’ Working Conference, hosted by the Dutch National Ballet, February 16 and 17. March 09, 2019 By REBECCA TOOK The ballet world might not like to consider itself a microcosm; preferring instead to see itself as an exemplum of […]

The Creatives Series: Cultural Criticism and Fiction with Bre Sanders

Cultural Criticism and Fiction with Bre Sanders Breone Natalia Sanders, who goes by Bre, is a 30-year-old graduate student from Atlanta, Georgia. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Amsterdam. Identifying as a black woman, a black feminist, an African American, a writer, and a black writer, Bre is […]

Amsterdam Exhibition Examines Femininity in the Modern World

  New Femininity #3, ongoing at Melkweg until March 10, is an exhibition focused on answering the questions of what it means to be a woman and feel feminine in modern society. Its organizer, ‘Curated by GIRLS’, is a platform based in Berlin that gathers international artists focused on the same goal: gender equality. The […]