The Legacy of Anti-Semitism

The Legacy of Anti-Semitism By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | November 1, 2019 November 9, 1938 – a night to be remembered. Cities throughout Germany burned: the flames started slowly, but grew rapidly as they consumed the legacy of Jewish culture. On this traumatic night, the “Synagogue am Großen Berlin” in Halle was destroyed. Time jumps 81 years […]

The Relativity of Feminism

The Relativity of Feminism By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | October 16, 2019  Cover photo by Raphael Lovaski / Unsplash The reasons behind wearing makeup – or choosing not to – are different for every woman. Being a woman in 2019, I see it as a privilege to not be obliged to wear any makeup. Seeing teenage girls […]

Remembrance Day

MAY 15, 2019 Remembrance Day Young and old came together on the Remembrance Day to not forget victims of war and conflict and fallen soldiers. On the photo, a little boy walks right behind the current major of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema who is dressed in black for this occasion. The major traditionally walks in front […]

World Press Photo Award Winner: Pieter ten Hoopen

World Press Photo Award Winner: Pieter ten Hoopen By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | May 8, 2019 Pieter ten Hoopen, winner of the World Press Photo contest in 2008 and 2010, returns to the shortlist for 2019’s photo story of the year. Ten Hoopen was nominated for his work on the migrant caravan in Latin America. People […]

Almudena Toral and her Documentary “The Legacy of Zero Tolerance”

“The Legacy of Zero Tolerance” an Interview with Almudena Toral By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | April 29, 2019 Photojournalist Almudena Toral focuses on the US and Latin America as a part of Univision News Digital. Her documentary, The Legacy of Zero Tolerance, has won the World Press Photo Award for digital storytelling in 2019. She […]