MAY 15, 2019

Remembrance Day

Young and old came together on the Remembrance Day to not forget victims of war and conflict and fallen soldiers. On the photo, a little boy walks right behind the current major of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema who is dressed in black for this occasion. The major traditionally walks in front of the silent march. Aleksandra Muther / The Amsterdammer
Guided by a man in black, the crowd slowly moves to the Dam Square. Starting from the Stadhuisplein, it took the silent march about 45 minutes to arrive at their final destination where they met those who were already waiting for the ceremony to begin. Altogether, they were dedicating two minutes of silence at 8PM. Anna Lea Jakobs / The Amsterdammer

Each year, Remembrance Day is held on the 4th of May to remember those who died in conflicts all around the world. As usual, the silent march took place where attendants are walking in silence to show respect. This time, the crowd walked from Stadhuisplein over the Magere Brug to Dam Square.

Drum Players were leading the crowd to their slow rhythm through Amsterdam. In the background: the former mayor Job Cohen who participated in the silent march next to the current major. Anna Lea Jakobs / The Amsterdammer
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