Off-Screen Film Festival

May 21, 2019 Off-Screen Film Festival The Red Carpet outside of Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, decorated with golden ducks. Aleksandra Muther / The Amsterdammer A table decorated with two golden ducks and a poster of the program. Aleksandra Muther / The Amsterdammer On Wednesday, May 15th, the study association of media and information organized their […]

Eighth Grade: A Portrait of the Awkward Entrance into Teendom

Eighth Grade: A Portrait of the Awkward Entrance into Teendom Film Review: American comedian Bo Burnham’s debut feature film Eighth Grade depicts the knotty, small-scale hellscape of middle school, focusing on the experience of Kayla (Elsie Fisher) – a self-aware yet intensely self-conscious teen – during her last week in eighth grade. By REBECCA TOOK […]

Brazilian Directors Duo give Jair Bolsonaro the Finger with their Queer Feature Film

Tinta Bruta (translated ‘Hard Paint’) opened this year’s International Queer & Migrant Film Festival in colour. Set in the Brazilian town of Porto Alegre, the feature film follows the introverted young Pedro (played by Shico Menegat) who earns his money online by smearing his body with neon paint and performing quasi-erotic dances in front of […]

Cinematography at Its Best: First Man Review

If the name Damien Chazelle does not seem heard, it definitely should. Following his two hit movies, Whiplash and La La Land, both nominated for the academy awards and, additionally, La La Land winning six Oscars, Chazelle delivers another movie following the journey of the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong. The movie First […]

The Independent Film Festival: A Platform for Start-up Film Directors

This year’s Amsterdam Independent Film Festival took place from the September 18 to September 20 Amsterdam’ Lab 111. Entry free, the festival focuses on niche movie production and prioritized a type of non-commercial, film production. American actor Shai Shahar, known for his vocal talent in commercials, ad campaigns, radio jingles and animated films,introduced the main […]