Internationalizing UvA: We’re encouraged to move here, but how are we supposed to stay?

The University of Amsterdam, and many other universities in the Netherlands, have been adding an increasing amount of English programmes in the past years. Many faculties are following this path of internationalization and now offer the option to follow certain programs in either Dutch or English. This, along with UvA’s outstanding ranking in many subjects, […]

My ethnicity doesn’t determine my future

“I could feel his eyes telling me that I don’t belong here.” Within the first few months of moving here, I had the stunning realisation of the manner in which an ethnicity works in different contexts. Growing up in Belgrade, nationalist and neo-Nazi movements had never touched me as deeply as they do now. Their […]

How Sociology can show you the other perspective

  One of the best teachers I’ve had at university once told us that people who become the best social scientists are usually the ones who have been part of two contrasting groups in society at some point in their life: People who’ve belonged to and had access to both, but never fully felt part […]