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By FILIP DROZDZ | November 2, 2019

Cover photo by “Hello Amsterdam”

Paradiso. Music club with a cult status, it hosts hundreds of events annually.

There have been a myriad of interesting concerts in Amsterdam throughout September and October. As much as I consider myself a concert-enthusiast (quite an unconventional asset to build one’s personality on, I know) I somehow managed to miss dozens of concerts.

Frustrated yet determined, I decided to change my ways and try to enrich my cultural life even at the expense of my ‘satisfactory’ academic performance. Assuming that November and December should see at least as many interesting events as the preceding two months, I eagerly started my search for them. 

I’ve saved you some time by handpicking some concerts that you’ll certainly want to keep on your radar:

To start off, I was thrilled when I found out that this artist is coming to Amsterdam, and even more shattered after discovering the tickets to her show have already sold out. Of course, I am talking about Sampa the Great. The debutant from Botswana who burst in the music industry like a sandstorm with her exotic yet familiar-sounding release The Return. It merges structure, solutions and topics well known from other hip-hop albums with melodies and distinctively African rhythms, all of that in conjunction with Sampa’s vibrant voice and surprisingly mature narrative. She will perform at Paradiso on November 22. As I mentioned, tickets for this concert are already sold out, but I would argue it’s worthwhile to go the extra mile and try to repurchase them from someone who has changed their mind.

Photo by "Supreme Standards" - Vivid and strong, Sampa the Great reaches out for the deserved acknowledgment.

Just two days after Sampa’s concert, Amsterdam’s Melkweg is going to witness another outstanding rapper’s performance. The artist in question is Loyle Carner, the 25-years-old half-Guyanese creative from London. He will perform at Melkweg on November 24. His music has been dubbed as confessional, eloquent and sensitive, but under the stack of these mounting labels hides an ordinary guy who took up art in an attempt to overcome his life-long struggle with ADHD. I was fortunate enough to see him perform live in August and I can ensure you that his soft, sincere lyrics and charming candor will pull your heartstrings. 

Photo by "diymag" - Loyle Carner. His music has a unique ability of resonating with one’s sensitivity.

Moving on to December, this month is off to a good start. Right in the beginning, on December 2, Hot Chip will pay a visit to our beautiful city. The British indie band provides high-pitched vocals from the Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard duo, as well as clever, synth-pop musical arrangements, bringing to mind legends such as Pet Shop Boys or Talking Heads.

However, Hot Chip doesn’t yield to the weight of this comparison. With their unique, elusive style, they have made a name for themselves on their own terms. Their concert in Amsterdam might take a more aggressive turn than you could assume based on their performances throughout the years; Hot Chip’s most recent release A Bath Full of Ecstasy is clearly rave-tinged and made for losing one’s self to dance. 

Photo by "spin.com" - Self-proclaimed heirs of synth-pop legacy, Hot Chip gives this rather joyful genre a distinctive, melancholic spin.

Last but certainly not least, an artist who came to me as a total surprise, but without a doubt a welcomed one. Hobo Johnson hails from Sacramento, California. The modern age romantic who expressed his tender confessions and concerns on his latest album The Fall of Hobo Johnson led me to believe that maybe I am not as cynical as I used to perceive myself to be. This kind of narrative makes him stand out among other usually less emotive rap artists. In spite of evoking so much sentiment, his lyrics are also testimony of his flair to a sharp-witted, ironic and satirical humor. It is represented prominently on the track ‘Subaru Crosstrek XV’ which might be construed as a sarcastic comment on those aforementioned, stereotypical rappers. He is going to perform in Melkweg on December 10.

Photo by "NPR" - Hobo Johnson. Hopeless new-age romantic.

Although there are some artists and concerts I have yet to mention, whether it be that they lack in noteworthiness or have yet to be discovered by me, I think my selection should provide a little something for everybody. 

Although attending all these concerts might prove to be a difficult task, I strongly encourage you to go to at least one; after all, there is nothing more thrilling than expanding your horizons and refining your taste in music through an authentic, direct experience.  

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