Eighth Grade: A Portrait of the Awkward Entrance into Teendom

Eighth Grade: A Portrait of the Awkward Entrance into Teendom Film Review: American comedian Bo Burnham’s debut feature film Eighth Grade depicts the knotty, small-scale hellscape of middle school, focusing on the experience of Kayla (Elsie Fisher) – a self-aware yet intensely self-conscious teen – during her last week in eighth grade. By REBECCA TOOK […]

Positioning Ballet: Accessible to Who?

Positioning Ballet: Accessible to Who? This is part 2 of a series inspired by the ‘Positioning Ballet’ Working Conference, hosted by the Dutch National Ballet, February 16 and 17. March 02, 2019 By REBECCA TOOK In 1964, Britain’s Royal Ballet established ‘Ballet for All’ under the direction of Peter Brinson. Between 1964 and 1979, this […]

Roma: Thoughtful Artistry in 1970’s Mexico City

Before watching Roma, it is best to allow yourself to enter the artist’s realm and forget you’re watching a film at all. This is a moving art piece of another time, a biography of people overlooked, containing something different from the blockbuster special or usual Netflix Original. When you envision yourself viewing within the art […]

The Modernity of Mary, Queen of Scots and the Fear of Powerful Women

If you want to witness the fear of men, give a woman a crown. Josie Rourke’s Mary, Queen of Scots does just this. In presenting a dynamic portrait of the formidable Mary Stuart, it leverages the contrast between the Scottish Queen and Elizabeth I, Queen of England, to illustrate that there is nothing more terrifying […]

One of the Most Important Films of the Year

Lukas Dhont’s debut feature Girl is not your typical coming-of-age story. In this film, Dhont captures adolescence in a mature and thought-provoking way. Girl‘s protagonist is the 16-year old ballet dancer Lara, who struggles with her transsexuality. Besides the daily pressure of perfecting her dancing technique, Lara is preparing for her full transition. She takes […]

Cinematography at Its Best: First Man Review

If the name Damien Chazelle does not seem heard, it definitely should. Following his two hit movies, Whiplash and La La Land, both nominated for the academy awards and, additionally, La La Land winning six Oscars, Chazelle delivers another movie following the journey of the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong. The movie First […]