Library Night at UB Singel

CSR and UvA Green Office Host Library Night at UB Singel March 13, 2019 By AISHWARYA KOTTAPURAT On Wednesday, March 13, the UvA’s Central Student Council (CSR) and Green Office hosted a library night at the Universiteit Bibliotheek Singel. The event ran from 10 pm Wednesday until 2 am Thursday. The night consisted of a […]


Amsterdam Women’s March Highlights Diversity of Feminism

Women in Amsterdam March for Equality Tuesday, March 12, 2019 By CARA RAKER and JOHN WIMPERIS On Saturday, March 9, 2019, one day after International Women’s Day, thousands gathered at Dam Square to attend the official Women’s March of 2019. The march began at 12:30 pm and ended roughly around 3 pm at Museumplein, where […]

I Amsterdam or We Planet?

I amsterdam or WE PLANET? While parts of the Amsterdam population are still in deep mourning over the removal of our beloved “I amsterdam” sign at Museumplein, others were able to see the removal of this symbol of individualism as an opportunity to come together as a community and take a step towards saving the […]

The Pulwama Terror Attack: Am I Anti-National?

The Pulwama Terror Attack: Am I Anti-National? February 22, 2019 By PROTECTED SOURCE I love my country, even though I accept that I’m not doing much for it. I am not at the border, laying down my life for my nation. I’m not a teacher, educating the underprivileged. Nor am I in the social sector, […]

A Referendum May Have Got us in This Mess but it Won’t Get us Out

Across Europe one can imagine people asking themselves simply what the hell is going on with British politics at the moment. And they would be right to do so: Theresa May’s Brexit negotiation deal failed cataclysmically, defeated by 230 votes, the biggest loss in modern history. Yet the next day she survived an attempt to […]

Is Democracy an Illusion? The Case of Slovakia

The question that we all have been asking lately – is democracy an illusion? Many people see democracy as the best possible system and one that they should strive to implement and maintain. Freedom of speech, free elections, and clear human rights – isn’t that what everyone wants? A functioning democracy is key to basic […]