Chinese New Year in Amsterdam: What Is It and Where to Celebrate It

Chinese New Year in Amsterdam: What Is It and Where to Celebrate It February 08, 2019 By CARA RAKER The annual Chinese New Year Celebrations officially began this week on Tuesday and will last until February 19. According to the Chinese zodiac, each year is represented by a different animal and 2019 marks the beginning […]


Editorial: New Year, New Semester, Better Journalism

As the holiday hang-over runs its final course and the students pick up their pace; it is the time we employ our notepads again and avail our best penmanship to present in the most honest and pragmatic manner, the happenings within our beloved city of Amsterdam. As a student, the sense of belonging forms an […]

5 Reasons why Valencia Should be your next Weekend Destination

It is mid-October, exams are stressing you out and your summer memories are so distant that you almost can’t visualize them anymore. Sun is still shining in Amsterdam, but in a few days you may be biking in the rain, struggling with 50kph winds. Yes, you need a break before Christmas. And yes, you definitely […]

After King’s Day, Amsterdam (Almost) Goes Back to Normal

After receiving thousands of people on King’s Day, Amsterdam dawns cleaned and orange-less. “We are happy that it is clean now in the morning, but we are not happy that it was dirty during the night,” said Divas Budhori.