The Resolutions You’ll Need This New Year

The Resolutions You’ll Need This New Year  By NADIA MURADY | December 11, 2019 Cover photo by Patrick Perkins / Unsplash   The year is coming to an end soon, and as always, people are making resolutions for the upcoming year. You might’ve promised yourself to start eating healthy, exercise more or stop procrastinating, but we all know that […]

How Sinterklaas Endures Blackface

How Sinterklaas Endures Blackface By NADIA MURADY | November 23, 2019 Cover photo by Aline Dassel / Pixabay When the days get shorter and the nights get longer, a dark shadow casts upon the Netherlands every year. A deep, painful divide emerges to the forefront of Dutch society. When the pepernoten comes out, the debate begins.  Zwarte […]

Paradox of the Cycling City

The Paradox of the Cycling City By NADIA MURADY | November 16, 2019   Throughout the years, Amsterdam has grown (and is still growing) immensely. You thought it was just based on the rapidly increasing number of inhabitants and tourists? No, the rising presence of bicycles and cyclists in Amsterdam is more prominent than anything else. Forget […]

What University Life Really Teaches You

What University Life Really Teaches You By NADIA MURADY | November 9, 2019 Whether you’re doing a degree in business, science or social sciences, university life will teach you more than just the outlines of your programme. This includes heartbreaks, dealing with rejection, being independent and many other essential life skills.  University is the place to learn […]