Master’s Day at the UvA

Masters Day at the University of Amsterdam By GIEDRE SAPRANAUSKAITE | November 22, 2019 Video by Giedre Sapranauskaite [ai1ec view=”weekly”] Support The Amsterdammer We believe in the right to inform the students, Dutch or international, about their surroundings and the university life. We give a voice to the voiceless and have already formed over 100 students […]

Mural Painting at UvA

Mural Painting at the UvA By GIEDRE SAPRANAUSKAITE | November 12, 2019 Cover photo and video by Giedr? Šapranauskait? In September 2019 the UvA Library announced the competition for their students. They had to think of a design idea they would want to paint on the wall in J/K building on Roeterseiland campus. Pruthvi Vellanki (student at the Faculty […]