How Students Are Living:

A dorm comparison

By THERESA KORENKE | April 5, 2020

Cover photo by Theresa Korenke / The Amsterdammer

Student housing. An unachievable dream for some, the best thing that could happen for others, and some just can not wait to get out of it. When UvA’s student housing option lets you down it is almost impossible to find a room you can pay for, which is not hours away from Uni, and that is able to accommodate maybe even a desk and a closet. You hear the wildest stories of student living situations, when I did not get into student housing, for example, the central student desk recommended renting a space at the camping site, other stories include 5 girls living in one room, beds separated only by shower curtains. Homeless students at the beginning of the semester are not unusual, illegal sub renting common, waiting to get into student housing for 5 years normal. Room hunting can get desperate, and I speak from experience when I say it makes you question what life would look like if only you had been lucky enough to be under the selected few in student housing.

But what is it actually that you get? To satisfy your and also my own voyeurism, I have asked students that live in 6 different UvA student housing complexes to let me into their homes.

Here is how students are living, dorm edition:


  1. Ana / Studio Apartment / Xior / Amsterdam Zuidoost / 47m2 / 850€


2. Rachel / Studio apartment / Our Campus / Diemen / 27m2 / 830€


3. Masha /Studio Apartment / The FIZZ spartaan / Amsterdam Nieuw-West / 27,5m2 / 756€ 


4. Natalija / Studio Apartment / Kraanspoor / Amsterdam NDSM / 26m2/ 530€


                                        5. Jasmin / Shared Kitchen / Rode Kruislaan / Diemen / 13m2 / 450€


                                        6. Lobke / Shared Kitchen and Bathroom / Bijltjespad / Amsterdam Central / 12m2 / 340€

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