The Death of a Closet?

By KAELIN BALAGH | November 9, 2019

Cover Photo by Kaelin Balagh / The Amsterdammer

Every winter I enter a state of frustration when it comes to my wardrobe, half of the clothing is  unwearable or impractical. The crop tops and dresses I could easily wear in the early fall are shunned to the back of my closet. They won’t see the light of day until (maybe) next April, when rain and wind no longer hold the weather forecast hostage.

Attempting to challenge the wearability of lighter pieces in the wintertime, I serve to you three looks that guarantee a fresh twist to your winter wardrobe.


 Look #1: The Sophisticated Lumberjack.

Kaelin wearing Theory suit, thrifted flannel, thrifted loafers, Adam Selman x Le Specs sunglasses.

Last summer, I thrifted this two-piece Theory suit at Buffalo Exchange. It screamed “I’m a mother of three who works at an insurance firm” at me. I know I have no meetings or kids to attend to, but I still wanted the ability to assert dominance over others in a relaxed way at school this late fall. In order to ramp up the apple-picking and tone down the mom, I decided to pair the suit with a thrifted oversized flannel. A two-piece suit can be downplayed for everyday life by layering in graphic tees or bold patterns. I also love pairing this suit with my Nike Air Force Ones or Vans. Remember: only you know you have nowhere to be. 


Look #2: I’m a Student Athlete.

Kaelin wearing Adidas track pants, thrifted tee, Urban Outfitters crop top, thrifted loafers, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, and thrifted purse.

I HATE SWEATPANTS. It will be inscribed on my tombstone. Track pants, on the other hand, are a vibe. Maybe she’s an athlete, or maybe she just pulls off #athleisure really well. In either case, if you want to give your jeans a rest this fall, track pants can transform from track star to chic by tucking them into a pair of boots or throwing on a sharp blazer for contrast. Here, I decided to elevate my track pants with loafers, layering a see-through cheetah print crop under a graphic tee for some sass on top. This is my ideal library-all-day outfit.


Look #3: The 70s Called.

Kaelin wearing thrifted tie-dye tee shirt, thrifted dress, thrifted blazer, Reformation Vintage cowboy boots, and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I must confess, recently I have become obsessed with gaudy tie-dye. Like, give me all the gross tie-dye you see on hoodies at tourist shops at the beach with bright colors that burn your eyes. I can’t pinpoint where my obsession began, but perhaps it reflects my longing for the sun while being provided anything but, in this characteristically gray country. However, bright colors can be tricky to pull off if you don’t want to actually look like a camp counselor. Here I’ve layered an oversized tie-dye shirt over a mauve dress, topped with a black blazer. If you come across an intimidating clothing item, a sure-fire shot is to accompany it with sophisticated tailored pieces in understated complementary tones. 

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