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Tonight is All Hallows’ Eve, better known under the name Halloween. This night usually implies dressing up spooky, funny or any way one would like, and go to one of the numerous Halloween parties in town. However, for those who prefer the cosy and comfortable seat at home, a blood-curdling movie is a must to uphold the Halloween feeling. So here is a list of five eerie and terrifying movies, that might be forgotten but are definitely worth seeing.

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

This film will make you appreciate the edginess of black and white movies, wherein outstanding cinematography (mise-en-scene at its best) is combined with a thrilling story to keep the audience on their toes. The story follows a man, who seduces a widow in order to get the money her husband had hidden. The children sense an uneasiness of the man and, of course, their suspicions turn out to be true. The movie is not a typical Halloween movie in terms of spectacular movie effects and a slasher, but it will be compelling for those who appeal to the art of suspense.

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

This classic French horror create a pit in your stomach, but is nevertheless a masterpiece. The story follows a plastic surgeon, who kidnaps beautiful women in order to transplant their faces onto his daughter’s, as her face was mutilated after a car crash. Just to mention: after its release in 1960, the movie received quite some critique in terms of it being too disturbing. Nowadays, horror movies have different standards for censure. Nevertheless, it can be said, that the visuals of the film do still remain one of the most alarming.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The low budget film from the year 1999 became famous due to the commotion it created questioning whether or not the movie was a documentary or a fictional film. The reason for this was the camera work that seemed so realistic. The film features a group of students from a film academy, who are doing research on the Blair Witch but end up  getting lost in the woods. During their search for the Blair Witch, these students document their whole experience. The strength of this film is not per se its camerawork, since everything is filmed by an amateur camera, but the absence of direct and clear visuals that leaves a lot of room for the imagination of the viewer on what is happening. And sometimes your imagination can be scarier than any direct image.

The Shining (1980)

This horror movie is definitely a classic and often appears in many lists as the number one horror movie of all time. It is an adaption from 1980 of a novel written by Stephen King. The main characters, a father, mother and their son, are situated in a very isolated hotel. Here they plan to stay by themselves throughout the winter, to cure the writer’s block of the father, played by Jack Nicholson. In this movie, Nicholson once again provides an outstanding performance. As strange and ghostly  things start to occur in the hotel, the sense of isolation increases and begins to have a crucial impact on the father’s mental health. The suspense in the movie is chilling, delivering jump-scares when you least expect it.

The Grudge (2004)

Personally, this is the scariest film on the list. This American supernatural horror movie is a remake of a Japanese film Ju-on. It takes place in Japan and features a demonic entity, filled with anger and hate. This demonic woman lives in a house and everyone who enters that house, ends up getting slaughtered. The film follows a young American woman who is confronted with that curse. The atmosphere is so unwholesome that  the audience can never let their guard down during the movie.

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