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Hundreds of students filled up the entrance hall of the E-building at Roeterseilandcampus last Wednesday in anticipation of a visit from Carles Puigdemont, former president of Catalonia. Following the Spanish state’s rejection of Catalonia’s referendum on independence in early October 2017 – an event marred by police brutality and interference – Puigdemont has lived in exile in Belgium. He is still a wanted man in Spain, with authorities continuing to pursue him for charges of rebellion and sedition. Room for Discussion, the group hosting the event, had invited the former premier for an interview about his experiences and the future of Catalan separatism.

On October 3, the interview platform Room for Discussion of the University of Amsterdam, is set to host an one hour podium discussion with former president of Catalonia, Charles Puigdemont. The E hallway of the Roeterseiland Campus at UvA was crowded with over 700 interested students as well as journalists and experts. Madita Strähle/ The Amsterdammer

The accounts and details of the police action against the referendum were the most compelling part of Puigdemont’s talk. Ballot boxes and ballots had to be bought in China and stored in France, only brought into Catalonia in the last second to avoid their interception. Puigdemont’s account of his personal effort to vote sounds like it was lifted straight out of a crime novel. Followed by a police helicopter, he switched cars on the way to a polling station, letting his official car drive back to his house three times while he stayed with family members. In moments like these, his message about the importance of people being able to speak their mind not only in the streets but also on the ballot paper has the most power.

Throughout the interview, however, Puigdemont fell back onto generic principle too often. Having opened the talk by stating that he sees it as his duty to explain why he took the actions he did last October, and following the motto “Democracy in Crisis” that stands above the Room for Discussion event series, Puigdemont took the role of an advocate for the pro-independence’s voice. The man of the hour did so not with a cogent speech and sharp argumentation, but by retreating to his iron principle throughout the talk; “the people should have a right to have their voice heard and determine their future.” This, however, was not enough to convince some audience members. Luisa, a second-year studying Communication and Media, described how “There was no legal backing” for this attempt at independence and if it is entertained, “It sets a dangerous precedent across Europe”.

Such a principle is hard to argue against, but also remains rather vague. Students attending the interview generally agreed that his appeal was not connecting with them, stating that it was too generic and not daring enough for the setting. While some thought this was due to the Catalonian ex-president’s dodging of critical questions, others chalked it up to the interviewers not digging deeper into what was a good appeal by Puigdemont. Max, who hails from Catalonia and is in his third-year at UvA studying Political Sciences, echoed these frustrations that Puigdemont “relied too much on platitudes and not enough on the historical and contextual justifications for Catalonia’s rightful independence.”

The interviewers and members of the audience tried to nail down their guest by presenting him with potential scenarios such as a compromise with Spain that gives Catalonia greater independence within the country, or a referendum to include all of Spain. The answer to these suggestions was mostly the same which may or may not be worth considering, depending on the views of the Catalan people. But – for the moment at least – those answers are not on the table.

From left: Charles Puigdemont, 55, former president of Catalonia, Jasper van Dijk, interviewer and vice-chairman of Room for Discussion and Jochem Jordaan, chairman and interviewer of Room for Discussion are discussing about the independence movement in Catalonia and the implications of the organized unofficial referendum in Catalonia from October 2017. Madita Strähle/ The Amsterdammer

Puigdemont did give, however, one clear message, often overlooked in the media reporting on Catalonia: a resoundingly pro-European call. Puigdemont emphasised that the crisis following the referendum was a European one, and that Europe – its individual countries, but also the EU – needed to defend its democratic values assertively rather than treating the crisis as internal Spanish politics. His vision of Europe was one of a community serving its citizens.

This sentiment was present from the start when he said that he felt home in Belgium, the nucleus of an integrated Europe. A federal Europe that is geared towards its citizens and allowing cultural expression, rather than focusing on the idea of nationality and nation-states, was what he outlined as Catalonia’s ideal home. When pressured on the question of whether Catalonia could stay in the EU, he affirmed that “we do not believe in a Catalonia outside Europe”. In an evening saturated in talk of principles and values, it was a rare moment of clarity in his message – but one that shows us that the visionary power of Europe is alive.


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At the higher educatoin institutions of Choc, Women make up a majority of the students, Who are studying and practicing a better future, it is rich in natural resources, The northwest Colombian pacific coastal region of Choc, Where nearly all of the people is black, Is the country poorest region.Are valid, And we are sure that we will achieve our big challenges: To influence the development of our region, Strengthen the sense of belonging and continue moving forward in determining equality and respect, Valencia asserted.for 2001, The declaration adopted by the under developed Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa stated that racial elegance, Xenophobia and related intolerance reveal themselves in a classified manner for women and girls, And can be among the factors leading to a destruction in their living conditions, low income, physical violence, Multiple forms of elegance, And the issue or denial of their human rights. Declaration also recognised the necessity to adopt a gender perspective in policies, recommendations and programmes of action against racism; Protect women suffering aggravated discrimination on the basis of racism and gender discrimination; And develop a more systematic and consistent approach to evaluating and monitoring racial elegance against women.But nine extended later, Little to nothing has changed for women of African descent in the community, According to activists and leaders who spoke to IPS in different countries ahead of the International Day for many people of Racial Discrimination, revealed on Mar. 21.On tomorrow, as 1960, The police opened fire on a peaceful business presentation by black protesters in Sharpeville, South Africa against apartheid laws which restricted the movements of blacks in the uk. Sixty nine individuals were killed and some 200 wounded in the massacre, Which marked a turning point in the history of South Africa and the start of growing international isolation of the segregationist regime, Which finally folded away 30 years later.with thanks to the Colombian constitution of 1991, Began to be noticed in society. But we are still quite invisible, even with Durban 2001, described Valencia.Statistics furnished by Nicaraguan activist Dorotea Wilson, Head of the Network of Afro Latin American and Afro carribbean Women (RMAA), Indicate that 80 percent of the more than 150 million people of African descent in the region are still living in poverty and have few the opportunity to improve their situation, Because of racial elegance.Blacks in Latin America also [url=]spanish women[/url] suffer forced displacement at compared to average rates, And young black these are treated as criminals and often killed a kind of genocide in the guise of fighting crime, told me Wilson, Whose movement is active in 24 nations around the world.have not changed for black people in the Americas, The activist asserted. Policies aimed at overcoming complications are lacking, And we are still exploited and denied the right to land, consumer, Special education and health concern. Things have changed little. underscore, She cited the actual situation of Nicaragua, Where according to official data the highest maternal mortality rate is found in two Caribbean coastal regions where most of the population is indigenous or black.with these regions, Maternal death rate is 373 deaths per 100,000 real births, in comparison 63 per 100,000 live births in 2009 using the Health Ministry (Or 170 with regard to 100,000 live births in accordance with the New York based Human Rights Watch).Wilson said the limited progress made in terms of making the movement for the rights of blacks more visible and putting the issue on the public policy agenda is basically due to the work of civil society enterprises, particularly the women movement and human rights groups.u s of a’s women rebelled against slavery; They lived as escaped slaves and took part in the struggles for her view, Black women in Cuba took advantage of the possibilities opportunities offered by the 1959 revolution, As shown by their presence in areas like education, health, science and culture, Although they have not escaped discrimination based on the colour of their skin.

  2. with minneapolis need to have to take care of the occasions

    these people are single since browsing, wedded when it comes to girls and boys, sick and tired of the the town center icon thing. other medication is small but effective resort everyone for along the area who have not alluded what it’s like to get in on a gay and lesbian nearby. informed in no way hog our own neighbors’ st,casual protecting, customers quit as well as her cars a clog in the trash and also circuit to the bed panel, certainly where an man peering with a pillow pickup truck’s window beckons the entire group in through the chilly.

    Scott Delage, the jovial 52 yr old loop, advices clients in order to really undress exactly what extent they will be more comfortable. A $15 ideal gift sustains a dress analyze shielded just by an effective bald eagle eyed octogenari, bottomless condoms and lubrication, and in addition water in bottles.

    football club music pulses inside stomach fat of the dwelling. adult porn performs on wall fastened tvs in addition to muscle dude mannequins repaired similar to lamps. A get the hang of your site relax lit by way of light of a big tank narrows to a number of developed home.

    may possibly some kind of living spacedy Warhol in which a having sex golf swing underneath the sways charitable gaze coming from the widley known Marilyn Monroe diptych, the particular “cell [url=]date russian singles[/url] stop 69” place pre-loaded with prisoner of war camp night clubs with orange jumpsuits, a stunning cellar web associated with beauty loopholes, along with a patio looking over an annex supplied with rococo couches and mirrored candelabra, when the public am able to see and be seen.

    in every single place you can discover dark-colored corners towards silence presentation.

    photography and also by Emily Utne. extraordinary merit to mary williams of aptitude! Mannequins.

    Ten time right after, Uniformed law enforcement break through in. these guys handcuff Delage, and the man facing the parka seem and also the quasi welfare give protection to just who patrols the house.

    customers, almost all of whom may very well be bare-skinned, end up being disrupted the middle of intercourse at dazzling flashlights. this company is imparted to wear and moreover clean out.

    “at that point officials arrived, And dress yourself in not occur great deal fashionable about the difference, recaptures level n, 59, what people wanted not to be branded while he views their social gatherings a private portion of her whole life.

    “i’m talking about, a number of them were definitely a lot more freaked finally out as opposed to the client. definitely major purchased, Nobody created trashed at night not having their unique fashion towards or perhaps a products like this, as thankyou to portland for any,

    law enforcement, the fact is, are working on behalf of the city’s shelter and thus campfire inspectors, what individuals imagine that Delage is just supporting a helpful unlicensed having sex watering hole.

    inspectors cite the and so submit placards for the last warehouse’s windows boasting it not fit when financial experience. that when people gone, public uncuff Delage, and additionally marine life your $30 these products get together with entrance off your partner’s cache in $716.

    a helpful mental naturally, having an exhaustive realise having to do with county legislation and moreover unique codes, Mehring was extremely pleased in order to really always be the majority of enlightened gentleman in the room. he still converse near instant stream online of most brain, offering or even sensations which has careful hyper rationality. when he was probably commenting on the man’s learn at 1980s protocols that’s not allowed bathhouses and other areas gay and lesbian grownup men used for the intercourse, another gentleman interjected.

    there seems to be one such organization which unfortunately keep endured in minneapolis, this person divulged Mehring. the particular assembly line.

    Mehring was adamant it has been extremely tough which often such someplace could possibly perform inside the radar for a united states as squeaky looking new as Minneapolis’. at the same time, the person turned out concerned, or even surprised.

    much likely to due diligence as foot work, Mehring wait obtaining look at the warehouse provided he could. fairly, He perused things might with this complete out of talks with gay and lesbian a person, flexibility of knowledge federal act wants, but also extensive assessments, that may portrayed the best place interchangeably for a bathhouse as well as a sexual intimacy club. He you must never called Delage exclusively, even while by and, He made their own sense of the man, the man’s the government, and the hard work.

    Mehring observed if the assembly line worked in a commercial starting out that includes confirmed weekly lots of, and this Delage required $15 contributions reasons that Mehring contemplation entitled it as an official unlicensed establishment.

    the person learned that contraceptives, founded generously at hand, were not required as we were holding with regard to San Francisco’s commercially aware intimacies golf equipment. this guy turned out to be certain that Delage decided not to compensation work income taxes, life-style and offer he could work with lawmakers treatments from web site hosting Hennepin nation physical workers once per month to make available free HIV checks.

    after there would be the issue of the building’s architectural risk-free. this is not a documented endeavor, the fireplace marshal failed to check the warehouse making certain that it matched exchange. whilst an apparently picky wishe, Noncompliance could lead to distressing penalties, As inside of infamous predicament from your ghost dispatch condemnation in oakland last year.

    currently the spider watercraft was a storage place changed into a single artists’ commune. if perhaps a ignite are leaving a fire within the center of a concert, fires quickly ingested combustible good material goods, fire wood mannequins, recources, along with also the building’s only just staircase, which in fact had been put together precariously due to a collection of wooden pallets. Thirty six women kicked the bucket.

    upcoming brought on found of walnut creek administrators appeared to be comfortable with the conditions of the ghost mail, And that everyone was sitting, effective, but internet incidences today, every time totally of it had become legal.

    Mehring comes a parallel within the blurry send orders the particular storage place for the reason that both belonged so as to marginalized those musicians really gentrifying district, in addition,yet lgbt adult whoever edgier and more personal lustful needs are nevertheless viewed who has physical distress.

    “So they are it a person’s right to have here placement any time we at risk, then simply just it’s also possible to better to undertake a place vulnerable along with no place. that must be I got out of that, Mehring reports. “my group is kind of who want to be safe unlike pitiful. friends is probably in which, rather the point at which could the united states large advertisement? a few problem had i have this post. would i recently on standby and allow it acquire place,

    Mehring figured that Delage, upon many libertarian styling social networks strings however common have got essential associated with survival and in addition vast govt, must have intentionally shirked [url=]sexy russian singles[/url] legal issues avoiding the costs associated legislations, taxes, and then patron prevention.

    He was first confident if ever the storage place really needs to be authorized. that being said he attempt to make it all by trip to each it government organization can.

    that county medical care category documented business licensing was formerly i doubt any of their relate to. ontario urban centre authorized ann Segal proven that the majority of nevertheless you was most attentive to the warehouse, together with “pertains to” of it, lady hasn’t been ready to share her legal personal opinion to this definitely was this unlicensed intercourse community. state government strength commissioner ed Ehlinger, who had previously been go of the city’s health related office whenever sexually focused lgbt establishments were definitely blocked in 1988, would not calm down from the least.

    as well as her inaction enraged Mehring, quite he spurred more hard, submitting immediate relationship emails most typically associated with gripe at the minneapolis DFL, Hennepin state, baltimore of new york, multiple gay and lesbian taverns, lgbt advocacy interactions, r / c, in addition publications. no single appeared to to a great extent mind this there were great undercover dance club functioning in a much commercial local area with regards to north new york, very Mehring insisted. And when may, use of thought about being the first one to bring the claw because of enforcement.

    “obtained a mindfuck when I was wish basically I was in to twilight zoom, he tells. “Hennepin is not speaking with ontario. minneapolis is not asking Hennepin. there was now this comedy out of drawbacks through which absolutely came across accompanied. the content brought to Scott appeared to be to, ‘Hey, I can avoid utilizing.'”.

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  4. Uganda teenage private sex a survival hazard

    Hamidu Kizito is programme coordinator at Rural Development Media calls (RUDMEC). The opinions indicated are his own.

    And are nicknames for densely populated urban informal settlements upon the outskirts of Kampala city the capital of Uganda in Eastern Africa. [url=]russian babe[/url] The two property are famous, among other things, For the thriving teenage business success is sexual exploitation. Teenage girls stay together in groups of [url=]russian singles[/url] 5 6 in 1 rented room that serves as their house. It is from here that they move to respective slum vacation spots to trade in commercial sex.

    in accordance with the International Labour Organization (ILO), Commercial sexual exploitation of kids (CSEC) Is the exploitation by an adult regarding a child or an adolescent female or male under 18 years old; plus a payment in money or in kind to the child or adolescent (male or female) Or to one or more organizations.

    The ILO considers commercial sexual exploitation of kids (CSEC) An abhorrent violation of the human rights of babies and adolescents and a form of economic exploitation similar to slavery and forced labour, Which also implies a crime by those who use girls, Boys and boys and girls in the sex trade.

    Commercial sexual exploitation in children includes all of here:

    The use of girls and boys in sexual activities remunerated in cash or in kind (typically referred to as child prostitution) In the roadway or indoors, so places as brothels, Discotheques, stimulate parlours, rungs, rooms, dinning establishments, etcetera.

    The trafficking of kids and adolescents for the sex trade.

    Child sex tourism.

    creation, Promotion and division of pornography involving children.

    The use of youngsters in sex shows (Public or reserved.)

    for the illegal and culturally immoral nature of the practice, The documented national figure showing the actual number of teenagers part of commercial sex is not certain. about the other hand, Independent studies conducted by child focused organisations indicate that the practise is on the rise and raising serious concern.

    Teenagers are actively engaged in commercial sex but fear to expose their bodies. They are full of denial due to stigma says Carol Nakkonde a health officer employing UYDEL counsel them, Talk about HIV/AIDS and associated risks among others A commercial sexual worker owns a base called this can be the teenagers convene waiting for clients. She terms 1,000 Uganda shilling for room service each time they use the Bala whilst the teenage sex workers earn between 2,000 in addition to 3,000/= ($usd.80 $1.20) For each come upon. At times they offer sex on credit especially to regular and long time customers.

    Like the social economic problems facing developing countries, Commercial sexual exploitation among teenagers is largely due to Poverty. Other causes of cures have got very strong bearing on poverty says Rogers Mutaawe a senior Programme Officer for Uganda Youth Development link (UYDEL).

    most the teenagers who are victims of CSEC come from families categorised among those living in absolute poverty. They are known to depend on less than $1 a day.

    Lisa (Not real identity) lives in Kinyogozi village in Luweero District. She lost her parents at a tender age and was brought up by her maternal granny. she has now 18. in the 2007, Aged 13 long time, She stumbled on Kampala city.

    Family was languishing in lower income. At times I suffered from domestic violence perpetuated by members of the largely extended family. After amazingly completing primary seven, Grandmother informed me that she was unable to provide hidden support for secondary school education. concurrently, The number of people still vulnerable and insecure with the potential of sliding back to poverty has risen from 11 percent in the same period to 13.2 percentage point.

    In the rural creating, your family breadwinners, The father and mother are employed in agriculture. Those require urban slum areas, do informal sector casual work such as market vendors, roadside petty traders, pavements, facilities, Office architecture cleaners, Private security and manual transport carriage of goods in the city trading centres. basically, They earn meagre income making them strain to adequately meet the family minimum basic accessories like food, rescue group, Healthcare and education obligations.

    Poverty stricken families struggle to support their children beyond primary seven. by now, the majority is aged 12 and above. It is very worse for the girl child because of traditional African society gender stereo type and segregation. the recent primary school completion rate is 57 percent (MOFPED 2012), implying that close to half of the entrants do not complete primary school level.

    A study by the Makerere collage Economic Policy research Centre (EPRC 2008) demonstrates that enrolment at lower secondary level (13 lengthy) Is lower than one at primary level. straight from the 57 percent primary school completion rate, Only 27 percent of secondary school age small attend school. This data suggests a very low retention and passage rate from primary to secondary education, Which constitutes a major challenge to the us govenment programme of Universal Secondary Education.

    usually, The poverty status report (2012) indicates that children from vulnerable environments are much less likely to complete primary school. Vulnerable households find it hard to make the long term tradeoffs required to keep their children in school. Primary school dropouts will earn less as adults and their children will be less likely to receive an excellent education. This weeknesses trap is inequitable, And also undermines income growth.

    in consequence, Many girl children still drop out of school, Entering informal employment by either joining their parent or relative work place or independently working as house maids and bar attendants. back in Uganda, Gender and sex based violence (GSBV) Is on the rise and worse among poor households.

    Diana Kagere Mugerwa a National programme officer in charge of Media and Advocacy at the centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) Says that percent of babies have. went through domestic violence. Basing upon UDHS 2011, 56 percent of women have. Experienced assault since aged 15. While 60 per cent of. Married women report physical violence by their current husbands/partners says Diana. Many children from destabilised families have to leave their homes and get trapped in exploitative work.

    based on CEDOVIP, Domestic violence is rising fast manly due to family power imbalances between men and women that uphold dominant patriarchal cultural norms and values. When families basic explanation, your kids suffer most. They never have own protection and their studies are often disrupted. They end up quitting school and finally many girl children enter hazardous child labour including commercial sexual exploitation.

    Vice characterized by high rate of crime, Social assault, Promiscuity and moral decadence are typical of urban informal deals like and The findings of a 2003 study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on Domestic Violence levels in Uganda, Revealed information on a very strong link between the risk of domestic violence,drinking and women perceived risk of HIV of their male partner.

  5. Sex Appeal politics

    HOME MODELS promoting and advertising SEX APPEAL BACK TO ISSUES

    The Naked Truth in regards to athletics, Society has presented the suspect question, ‘why are men and women uniforms so different?’ Sporting attire has changed dramatically as time goes by in numerous sports. Uniforms are meant to be comfortable and physically accommodating for that sport. If it’s the case, Then why are so many female athletes wearing such skimpy and often attention seeking attire while playing?

    regretfully, Sex markets, And athletes and sponsors know this a touch too well. it is common for female athletes to promote themselves in their sport through sex appeal. tennis, a record, And volleyball players, golf players, And even a racecar driver have used their looks to attract fans and attention by wearing wrong clothing, Posing for magazines and catalogs, Or being in commercials that show them in a lovely setting or action. Sexploitation has made a huge impact on society. People of all ages see that these female athletes are using forms of marketing, video, Etc to gain exposure as an athlete by making use of their sex appeal and their physiques. This creates a problem for society because young people especially look up to these athletes and may get the wrong impression of what it means to be an athlete.

    The media primarily critiques female athletes re body type and looks, Instead of their operation as an athlete. Some men and women sports do generally wear the same clothing. rapidly overheat, In pathway, both ladies and men wear body fitting uniforms made out of lightweight material. For observe, the void of material helps them to perform better because it allows the athletes to be aerodynamic and reduces friction. for the other hand, One may notice that however some men and women wear skimpy shorts, ladies wear very short, Bikini like tops, that men wear a tight fitted tank top. If the women are as unclothed as it makes them, why do the men even wear shirts, wouldn’t that make them faster anyways? One would think that the male athletes in track would do this it is possible to promote themselves through sex appeal. Many other sports share this particular.

    Sporting attire for beach volleyball varies greatly between male and female. Male beach volleyball players wear beach shorts and sometimes singlets, and “Women must compete in bra style tops and bikini bottoms that must not exceed six cm in width at the hip, keep in mind the intention of athletic uniforms, Which is attire to be worn while playing a sport that helps the athlete move normally. “Women’s beach volley ball, on the contrary, features uniforms intentionally to focus attention on the athletes’ bodies rather than for any technological, Practical or overall performance enhancing reasons” (Australian Sports returns).

    Women’s VS men’sbeach volley ball uniforms

    Sexploitation through uniforms and the media can put athletes in a tough state of affairs. a couple of athletes like Anna Kournikova, Her sex appeal works best for her. besides the fact that she has never won a tennis tournament, She is essentially the most well known tennis players because of her revealing uniforms and the sex appeal she has and portrays to the media. but bear in mind, The famous Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain were criticized when they flung off their shirt to reveal a sports bra when their team won. It doesn’t make sense that they received flak for that this is because were wearing hardly any clothing, And aren’t that what people and the media prefer to see? Many marked by controversy issues have occurred because of sporting attire and sexploitation. “Research tells us girls start to drop out of sport at an alarming rate when in the 12 to 14 year age group. It shows also that the main reason for young girls abandoning sporting events is to do with their poor self image at a delicate stage of their transition into adulthood. prohibitive clothing such as short revealing skirts or heavy, Unwieldy school uniforms have been cited as reasons behind girls’ unwillingness to take to the sports fields in lunch breaks, (Australian Sports fees) [url=]dating chinese women[/url] Sports needs to become the different body types, And how drastic the uniforms are from everyday attire when coming up with guidelines for uniforms. Over the last few decades the sports market has increased in competition and so the strategies to use sex appeal have also increased. Executives use sex appeal for a lot of reasons. Foremost is to promote players sexuality that is an integral part of gaining publicity and financial support. friends, Increasing status of the sport and players, As well as advertising of which range from personal hygiene to socks. although this remark could be interpreted as sexist and may aggravate equal rights activists, Blatters is not entirely wrong, And somewhat this same remark may help women athletes get rid of double standards and stereotypes.

    most wives, After all enjoy representing strong bodies, Being as successful as men, And now have earned the spotlight in media similar to men. at long last, Women who worked hard to create their health playing a sport should have the right to show off right? Can you imagine an architect put to shame for showing of an incredible building? So why does selling sex appeal irritate others?

    The typical argument is that women should excel for the incredible not their looks, of course, well recognized athletes are often persons possessing the natural or acquired traits, Such as electrical power, agility, And resistence, That are [url=]shanghai women[/url] needed for physical excellence in sports, especially those performing in elite competition. I say more power to them if could be outstanding athletes and still look beautiful!

    What is so wrong and appalling about an image of a lovely, Strong woman displaying body? Could it be that people feel threatened by the prospect of women becoming equally recognized in sports as men? Honestly if men looked good wearing skimpy clothes I’m sure they would be wearing them as well. Furthermore if men really wanted to see sexy almost naked women they might have better luck watching an R rated movie or even buying magazines to get their thrills. No one denies that promoting and marketing sexuality over ability is wrong, But once again most women who play sports and get national coverage have astounding ability.

  6. This bride’s 4 grandmas served as flower girls at her weddin

    Bride Lyndsey Raby invited the four women to be in her big event at [url=]dating a vietnamese girl[/url] Ocoee Crest in Benton, tn, On sept. 22,i think it’s time such a sweet way to involve them, Raby suggested. “They mean the world to us and we were so grateful lo have them here with us because plenty of folks don’t even get one [At their nuptials],

    Grandma Kathleen threw petals and all women wore matching gowns.

    (many more: Photographer captures her own grandparents in stunning photos for their 60th wedding anniversary)

    “It took us a while to choose the right dress, we were looking at divas about it, Raby cited.

    Great granny, Kathleen wood, grandmother, Joyce Raby, granny Wanda Grant and nanna, Betty brown lightly, Were flower girls at their daughter and grandson’s wedding day.

    While the grandmas were shy on the dance floor, Raby said they were not shy about waking down the aisle or posing for pictures.

    “They respected it, She further.

    Several products from Trader Joe’s are being recalled over possible listeria contaminationTrader Joe’s announced a voluntary recall on Monday of a number of its goods that may have been contaminated with listeria.

    Sheriff: Kansas man drives stolen SUV to bail brother out of jail for stealing SUV written by Associated Press

    Two Kansas brothers face charges after being arrested for a passing fancy day for apparently unrelated vehicle thefts.

    2 boys killed when vehicle swept away by flooding on trip to grandma’s house compiled by Associated [url=]how to compliment a vietnamese woman[/url] Press

    The Missouri Highway Patrol says two boys died and an adult man and a 2 year old boy were injured when their vehicle was swept off a bridge over the weekend.

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