De Nieuwe Sint Provides Inclusive Alternative to Sinterklaas Festivities

De Nieuwe Sint (New Saint) is a character created and depicted by the 46-year-old actor, Patrick Mathurin, as a black and inclusive alternative to Sinterklaas, the traditional Dutch version of Saint Nicholas, who is accompanied by a controversial blackface character called Zwarte Piet (Black Pete). People dressed as Zwarte Piet wear minstrel’s clothes and blackface, […]

Sinterklaas Arrived in Amsterdam on Sunday

Children and adults attended the 80th arrival of Sinterklaas and his servants from Spain in Amsterdam on Sunday. While Saturday saw 30,000 people celebrating their official arrival in the Netherlands in Zaanstad, 400,000 gathered on Sunday in Amsterdam. “I like to call the other arrivals the ‘fake ones’,” said Pam Evenhuis, spokesperson for Sint in […]