Solidarity Protest

Against Anti-Black Racism and Violence at Dam Square 

By CHARLEY ROUSSET | June 4, 2020

All photos were taken by Charley Rousset on the 1st of June 2020 at Dam Square. 

Cover photo: Protesters standing in front of the National Monument; a sign refers to the death of George Floyd. 

The protest on June 1 against anti-black violence is thought to have gathered more than 5000 people at Dam Square, Amsterdam. Charley Rousset / The Amsterdammer


One of the speakers from South Africa reads his poem to the mass.  

Charley Rousset / The Amsterdammer



Question: Do you feel segregated in the Netherlands? Nimcol reacts: “Only during the period of Sinterklaas I feel frustrated with the Zwarte Piets. Also, we stand today with America because it’s 2020, and what happened is not possible.” 

Charley Rousset / The Amsterdammer

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