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By LYNH NGUYEN and CYRINE ETTRIKI | December 14, 2019

Cover photo by Brunel Johnson / Unsplash

2020, here we come! With the new decade swiftly approaching, we as fashion writers want to present to you a time capsule of the biggest trends for the 2010s. We have noticed that while trends come and go, we can still perceive a select number of them within current times. With that, prepare a box of tissues in case you get triggered by nostalgia and let us guide you through the creative fashion realm of this closing decade: 


2010: Boyfriend style

The year 2010 had the feature of the boyfriend style, specifically when alluding to blazers and jeans. This unisex style had major impact on womens’ clothing, which we still see evidence of today. It’s safe to say that on some days, we just love to take comfort in a rather looser appearance and boyfriend jeans are the best way to stylishly champion it!


2011: Platform pumps

The year 2011 was characterized by pop music artists like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, which was rightly followed by their style influence on pop-culture. Infamously, platform pumps were the sought after footwear for any party event. However, in the last few years, although we can still observe a platform inspired-style, it is mostly associated with luxury brand sneakers like Balenciaga  and Naked Wolfe.


2012: Glitter pumps

In 2011, Miu Miu introduced “Glitter pumps,” and by 2012 they were everywhere! Easily spotted on every celebrity from A-list to C-listers on international red carpets and shows, today’s glitter dominance doesn’t just stop at footwear. Last year’s  New Year’s Eve was distinguishable by sparkly tops and dresses, as seen on Kylie Jenner.


2013: Fancy sportswear

2013 experienced a huge surge of fancy sportswear! Celebrities increasingly tend to strut their stuff in comfortable sneakers rather than heels, as observed from a plethora of pap street-style shots. However, comfortable is subjected in this case to luxury brands, such as Versace or Fendi. Today, “gym look” dominates as most people’s ideal daily look.


2014: Visible undies

2014 was responsible for adding a little sexy touch to the decade! Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, were seen on red carpets with visible undies under semi see-through skirts and dresses. Six years later, celebrities still tend to opt for this sensual look, while some even go for no undies at all. 


2015: Sportswear but as street fashion

2015 was the factor in changing wearable sportswear, with the help of Fila and Champions. With the revival of these 90’s brands, sportswear became mainstream again. One can expect big logos and the use of color blocks, which is ever-so evident among sportswear fanatics, when browsing on the Fila and Champion websites.  


2016: Straight jeans 

Straight jeans made a comeback in 2016 and with that vintage was back on trend. This style of jeans allows room for movement, while still offering solid structure. In 2019, straight jeans have become a must-have in one’s closet, if you value comfort.


2017: Fanny pack

Consistent with the streetwear craze, fanny packs became the “IT” item of the year. Once deemed dorky and characterized as “dad” fashion, fanny packs became the must-have item, due to their convenience. However, the “fanny packs” of today are modernized by taking on different styles. Rounded, squared, around the waist, hips and over shoulder you can have it all! 


2018: Hoops

With artists such as Cardi B and model Hailey Bieber, hoops are back! Wearing hoops brings an extra wow factor when ensembling any kind of outfit. In contrast to the modest classic style, the hoops of 2018 and of today are very much staple fashion statements, and rightfully so. Within the pop-scene, big hoops are the way to go. 


2019: Faux Fur 

Faux fur say that ten times fast. With fur coats being a classic, let us introduce you to faux fur bucket hats and bags. Most distinguishable, are fast fashion brands who are loving faux fur at the moment, effectively pushing this material into the mainstream arena. Without a doubt, faux fur is happening! 


2020: Chunky boots with dresses 

According to The Trendspotter, chunky boots paired with dresses will be the next big thing in high fashion! While chunky boots such as Dr.Martins have always been in style, pairing chunky boots with dresses is not a very popular move at the moment. Therefore, 2020 is the perfect time for you to try out this style, if you have yet to do so.

With that being said, the 2010s was a time to be alive in regards to experimenting with fashion. We are beyond excited to see what the 2020s hold for us fashion fanatics. Bring it on!

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