November 16, 2019

Windows of Amsterdam

It has finally been a full year in this city of canals and bikes. Coming from a large city like Bangkok where commuting by foot is merely impossible, to a small city like Amsterdam where everything you need is at most, half an hour away, really makes you want to take advantage of this ‘efficiency.’ That being said, I have been commuting by bike and by foot whenever I can, and this had me constantly finding myself looking into the homes of the people here.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed anything peculiar about their massive windows, framing a perfect, cozy living room with warm gentle lights that illuminate the dim streets. I soon picked up the subconscious habit of scanning every corner of the aesthetically pleasing interiors as I passed by the transparent windows one by one, realizing how ridiculously exposing these homes are. If I were to describe this in the most universal way, I’d say it’s almost equivalent to walking through the living room section of IKEA. 

This strangely distinct observation soon became a topic of conversation with my friend, Wen, as we were strolling through the streets of Amsterdam. This series as a whole is an abstract; the images have no concrete meaning or metaphorical destination  apart from, hopefully, the amusement that you get from looking at each of them. The idea of ambiguity is more or less the central concept of this photo collection, in the sense that it is up to the viewers to formulate their own explanation and opinions on why these houses are so revealing.


These images were photographed by Rina Dokai on October 23rd, 2019. The houses in this series are located down Huidenstraat Amsterdam.

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