April 20, 2019

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek meets Keukenhof Garden

A man posing for a picture during the flower parade in Leiden, City of Discovery - Living in Freedom. Yoojeong Kim / The Amsterdammer
Experiencing Keukenhof is very much a family day. A child is posing for a picture. Yoojeong Kim / The Amsterdammer

The Keukenhof flower exhibition this year celebrates its 70th anniversary with the theme of Flower Power. Commencing March 21, the spring garden will remain open until May 19.

Every year, 7 million bulbs are supplied free of charge by 100 exhibitors, then planted by 40 gardeners. Although The Netherlands is famous for its tulips, Keukenhof also features such flowers as orchids, roses, and lilies in 20 different flowers and plants show in its numerous pavilions. This year’s theme of Flower Power hopes to connect people across the world through its inspiration of flowers.

The estimated 60,000 visitors on last Saturday, April 13, enjoyed the extra benefit of being able to witness the most famous flower parade in Holland, the 72nd Bloemencorso Bollenstreek as it went past the Keukenhof Garden during its 40km journey from Noordwijk to Haarlem. The Changing World was the theme for the flower parade, exhibiting many local and international floats and decorated special cars. Although the weather fluctuated between snow, hail and occasional bright sunshine, the crowds endured the conditions to enjoy the colorful passing displays.

The first prize in the category praalwagen (float) goes to KAVB Hillegom, Haarlem e.o. With their float “Verandering Dierenrijk”. Kira Guehring / The Amsterdammer
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