Top 4 Festivals in The Netherlands

Top 4 Festivals in the Netherlands By AISHWARYA KOTTAPURATH | April 28, 2019 Are you craving a King’s Day after party?   The festive summer season is almost upon us, so here are the top 4 festivals that you can go to, right here in the Netherlands!     1. The Crave Festival May 30-June 2 […]

De Nieuwe Sint Provides Inclusive Alternative to Sinterklaas Festivities

De Nieuwe Sint (New Saint) is a character created and depicted by the 46-year-old actor, Patrick Mathurin, as a black and inclusive alternative to Sinterklaas, the traditional Dutch version of Saint Nicholas, who is accompanied by a controversial blackface character called Zwarte Piet (Black Pete). People dressed as Zwarte Piet wear minstrel’s clothes and blackface, […]