The Creatives Series: Photography with Humans of Amsterdam’s Debra Barraud

The Creatives Series: Photography with Humans of Amsterdam’s Debra Barraud March 22, 2019 By FLO MCQUIBBAN Debra Barraud, a 30-year old photographer, blogger and story-teller from Arnhem, runs Humans of Amsterdam, a concept which was started by photographer and writer Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York project. Though it was originally limited to New York, […]

“Buy, Buy, Baby”: the Commercialisation of International Women’s Day

‘Buy, Buy, Baby’: the Commercialisation of International Women’s Day March 13, 2019 By REBECCA TOOK Friday, March 8, was International Women’s Day 2019. If the slew of Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos and shared articles hadn’t already caught my attention, there was also an email from Flixbus (the coach company) addressed, “To all the strong, […]

From Argentina with Love

I went to Argentina once as a child, and have not been back since, though I have travelled to other places in between. My grandmother Suze and her brother John spent a big part of their lives in Buenos Aires when they moved from Holland because of the war, and both of them speak a beautiful variation of Rioplatense Spanish.

Instagram is Ruining our Holidays

Instagram Is Ruining our Holidays February 25, 2019 By IVY WADE If you go on vacation and don’t post pictures online, did it even happen? The more we scroll down our feeds, the more it seems holidays are now sponsored by Instagram and Facebook. They record our beach days and hiking trips, festivals and gap […]

Re-Dutchifying Paris

It seems like Dutch culture is slowly disappearing from Paris. The Institut Néerlandais (Dutch Institute), founded by Frits Lugt in 1957 and active until its closure in 2013, was a non-profit institution in Paris that promoted Dutch art and culture. Despite being one of the earliest cultural institutions of its kind, it relied completely on […]