Almudena Toral and her Documentary “The Legacy of Zero Tolerance”

“The Legacy of Zero Tolerance” an Interview with Almudena Toral By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | April 29, 2019 Photojournalist Almudena Toral focuses on the US and Latin America as a part of Univision News Digital. Her documentary, The Legacy of Zero Tolerance, has won the World Press Photo Award for digital storytelling in 2019. She […]

Editorial: They Don’t Want Us, But They Need Us

This week, The Amsterdammer celebrated its 100th publication. We have reached this milestone after seven months, two semesters, and 60 staff members, I could not be prouder of what it has become. Like any nascent start-up we certainly faced (far) more obstacles than we expected. However, it is with hard work and dedication that the […]

“A Star Is Born,” a Drama That Meets Expectations: Review

Released on October 5, the fourth remake of the 1937 original film A Star Is Born was one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 so far. The movie was the directorial debut of actor Bradley Cooper, known from movies like Silver Linings Playbook and The Hangover trilogy. He’s also starring in the movie alongside […]