Top 4 Festivals in The Netherlands

Top 4 Festivals in the Netherlands By AISHWARYA KOTTAPURATH | April 28, 2019 Are you craving a King’s Day after party?   The festive summer season is almost upon us, so here are the top 4 festivals that you can go to, right here in the Netherlands!     1. The Crave Festival May 30-June 2 […]

5 Study-Snacks and Where to Find them Around Campus

5 Study-Snacks and Where to Find them Around Campus With the end of the current block approaching, many of us have finals coming up. Instead of stress-eating junk food, why not enjoy a few brain-boosting alternatives! By JOSEPHINE SYLVESTRE It can be difficult to keep a balanced diet when living alone since cheap pizza and […]

Library Night at UB Singel

CSR and UvA Green Office Host Library Night at UB Singel March 13, 2019 By AISHWARYA KOTTAPURAT On Wednesday, March 13, the UvA’s Central Student Council (CSR) and Green Office hosted a library night at the Universiteit Bibliotheek Singel. The event ran from 10 pm Wednesday until 2 am Thursday. The night consisted of a […]

Lack of Funding in Education Leads to a Nationwide Strike

March 16, 2019 Lack of Funding in Education Leads to a Nationwide Strike By AISHWARYA KOTTAPURATH On Friday, March 15, students, teachers, and professors around the Netherlands went on a nationwide strike and protested in The Hague to demand the reversal of budget cuts for, and more investment in, education. The strike asks that the […]

Positioning Ballet: Ballet’s Own #MeToo

Positioning Ballet: Ballet’s Own #MeToo This is part 3 of a series inspired by the ‘Positioning Ballet’ Working Conference, hosted by the Dutch National Ballet, February 16 and 17. March 09, 2019 By REBECCA TOOK The ballet world might not like to consider itself a microcosm; preferring instead to see itself as an exemplum of […]

I Amsterdam or We Planet?

I amsterdam or WE PLANET? While parts of the Amsterdam population are still in deep mourning over the removal of our beloved “I amsterdam” sign at Museumplein, others were able to see the removal of this symbol of individualism as an opportunity to come together as a community and take a step towards saving the […]