How does UvA use social media accounts?

How does UvA use Social Media Accounts? The Amsterdammer talked to the UvA Social Media team to find out what goes on behind-the-scenes the official social media accounts and how they maintain intrigue towards them.   March 19, 2019 By SHUZHAO XUE So far, UvA is present on five social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, […]

Instagram is Ruining our Holidays

Instagram Is Ruining our Holidays February 25, 2019 By IVY WADE If you go on vacation and don’t post pictures online, did it even happen? The more we scroll down our feeds, the more it seems holidays are now sponsored by Instagram and Facebook. They record our beach days and hiking trips, festivals and gap […]

We Live in a Society Where Everyone Is Turning into ‘‘Dorian Gray’’

People are getting more and more shallow. Looks over books, am I right? No, absolutely not. We supposedly live in an age of acceptance but, unfortunately, that does not extend to one’s self-image. People still take an hour in the morning to “get their face on” for the day. We rally against sexism, racism, and […]