#BLM In Amsterdam: A Closer Look

#BLM in Amsterdam: A Closer Look By Ahana Majumdar | June 14, 2020 Photo by Charley Rousset   As 2020 unfolds, we are faced with many challenges and gaps in our public health and socio-political atmospheres. Although some predicaments such as the COVID-19 pandemic were unforeseen, others like systemic racism have been seen for generations. How is […]

Why We Shouldn’t Tolerate Zwarte Piet

Traditions are the foundation of every society – but do we know where they actually come from? Traditions are a form of indoctrination. We grow up in accordance with certain norms and values without thinking about them critically or looking at them from a different perspective. As citizens, we often turn a blind eye to […]

De Nieuwe Sint Provides Inclusive Alternative to Sinterklaas Festivities

De Nieuwe Sint (New Saint) is a character created and depicted by the 46-year-old actor, Patrick Mathurin, as a black and inclusive alternative to Sinterklaas, the traditional Dutch version of Saint Nicholas, who is accompanied by a controversial blackface character called Zwarte Piet (Black Pete). People dressed as Zwarte Piet wear minstrel’s clothes and blackface, […]

I’m French. Am I a migrant, too ?

My grandparents or great grandparents on my mother’s side did not all stay in Venezuela their entire life. My grandfather had Italian origins and studied in both Spain and Mexico. His adoptive mother spoke several languages and had lived in  the Netherlands, Curaçao and Trinidad before going back to Venezuela. They were citizens of the world […]